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THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS: Iran and it’s Foreign Relations


Author: Anu Sharma
ISBN 97893-89137-57-6

“India’s relations with Iran are historical and civilisational. It is imperative for India to have an in-depth understanding of Iranian geo-political and geo-economic strategies. Ms Anu Sharma’s book is a highly welcome addition to literature available on this important subject. It will go a long way in promoting insight and appreciation of this significant neighbour.”

— Amb. Ashok Sajjanhar, President, Institute of Global Studies, Distinguished Fellow, Observer Research Foundation, Former Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden and Latvia, Former Secretary/Principal Executive Officer, National Foundation for Communal Harmony, Government of India

“Anu Sharma presents a panoramic view of Iranian Foreign Policy and its external interactions from an Indian perspective and against this background examines various facets of India’s relations with Iran, a strategic partner. A compelling read.”

— Amb. Sanjay Singh

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