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Latest articles

Poseidon: A Doomsday Underwater Drone

Author: Dr Silky Kaur, Associate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Doomsday machine, unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), nuclear weapons, Russia-Ukraine Conflict, arms race. Poseidon, also known as Status-6/Kanyon, is...

Taiwan and the Sino-US Relationship Amid Ukraine Crisis

Author: Kashif Anwar, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: China, the US, Taiwan, Sanction, One China Policy, and Great Power Competition Introduction The Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Sino-US relationship, and...

Renewables and Rare Earth Elements: A key to India’s Coal Dependent Power System

Author: Neha Mishra, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: Coal Power, Electricity system, Renewable Energy, Rare Earth Elements The recent coal shortage in India is an alarm for...

Bolstering India-Australia Relations

Author: Simran Walia, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: India, Australia, Indo-Pacific, Economy Australia’s newly elected Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, is quite committed to deepening economic and strategic...

CPEC Under Cloud: Security and Economic Challenges

Click to View PDF Author: Gp Capt (Dr) DK Pandey (Retd), Senior Fellow, CAPS 15 June 2022 Keywords: CPEC, CPEC Authority, BLA, Gwadar Port. 


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