Geoeconomics Over Geopolitics: Lessons from India’s Foreign Policy

Author: Radhey Tambi, Research Associate, Centre for Air Power Studies Keywords: Geoeconomics, Geopolitics, Indian foreign policy, India’s oil purchase, trade deals, the India way. Since the...

Metallurgical Marvel: Lithium in Aerospace

Author: Girish Linganna, Aerospace & Defence Analyst Keywords: Lithium-ion, batteries, HAL - HTT-40,  Aluminium Alloys. Charting the rise of consumer electronics, lithium has fast established itself...

Understanding the SLBM Test by India

Author: Jay Desai, Research Associate, Centre for Air Power Studies Keywords: Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile, INS Arihant, Ministry of Defence, Missile Man, JL-2, Indian Ocean...

Jammu and Kashmir: Securing Peace and Stability through Non-Kinetic Measures

Click to View PDF Author: Colonel Sushil Kumar Tanwar, Senior Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies 01 November 2022 Keywords: Kashmir, Security, Non-Kinetic, War of Narratives, Pakistan. 

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