MARCH 2022

Geopolitical Fallout of the Ukraine Crisis for India and the Indo-Pacific

Click to View PDF Author: Mahima Duggal, Research Associate, CAPS 28 March 2022 Keywords: Russia-Ukraine war, Indo-Pacific, India, Japan, Korea, China, ASEAN 

PM Kishida’s Maiden Visit to India

Author: Ms Simran Walia, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: Taiwan, Japan, India, Kishida, economic cooperation Picture source: Livemint India and Japan have been strengthening their ‘Special Strategic...

Why Taiwan Will Not Be Another Ukraine

Description: Minister Wu with representatives of European agencies in Taiwan and civil society in solidarity with Ukraine. Minister Wu (middle), Director of European Economic...

Ukraine’s Geo-Economic Significance: Critical Minerals and Resources

Author: Ms Neha Mishra, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: Ukraine Crisis, Geo-Economics, Foreign Policy, Minerals The increasing significance of critical minerals in the clean energy transition and...

Is New Delhi Prepared for a Nuclear Submarine- Crowded Indian Ocean?

Click to View PDF Author: Anubhav Shankar Goswami, Research Associate, CAPS 20 March 2022 Keywords:  Indian Ocean Region, Indian Navy, Submarines, AUKUS, QUAD 

India-UAE Trade Deal: Why is it Significant for India’s West Asian Policy?

Author: Anu Sharma, Associate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: India, UAE, CEPA, West Asia. Referred to as the ‘early harvest deal’, India’s Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with...

Counterspace Efforts in Russia’s Military Action in Ukraine

Author: Group Captain TH Anand Rao, Senior Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Radio frequency, Interference, Military, GPS, Starlink, Ukraine. Space has long been an enabler of military functions,...

Sanctions on Russia: Anticipating Challenges for India’s Energy Security

Author: Dr Ngangom Dhruba Tara Singh, Associate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Ukrainian crisis, Sanctions, Indo-Russia, Energy security. On February 21, 2022, Russian President Putin, in a televised...

Japan-Russia Ties Amidst Ukraine Crisis

Author: Simran Walia, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Territorial dispute. Russia has been involved in military action against Ukraine since February 26. The Russian...

Latest articles

Defence of Taiwan – Complexities and Challenges

Click to View PDF Author: Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS 17 May 2022 Keywords: China, Taiwan, ADIZ, 'One China', PLAAF 

Nuclear Energy Breakthroughs and India’s Contributions

Click to View PDF Author: Ms Prachi Lokhande, Research Associate, CAPS 14 May 2022 Keywords: Nuclear Fusion, Tokamak, ITER, nuclear reactor, India 

Ukraine War- The End State

Click to View PDF Author: Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS 12 May 2022 Keywords: Putin, Zelensky, Moscow, Kyiv, USA, Russia, Ukraine, NATO, EU, Conflict, Endstate 

Time to Step Up India’s Reliance on Nuclear Energy

Author: Mr Saurabh Todi and Ms Sanjana Gogna  Keywords: Nuclear Energy, Energy Security, Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Regulatory Reform It is not the first time that an...

Assessing Delhi-London Security Partnership Amid Johnson’s India Visit

Click to View PDF Author: Mahima Duggal, Research Associate, CAPS 09 April 2022 Keywords: India, UK, Defence Partnership, Air Power, Jet Engine Technology 


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