issue brief 2021

Implicatioins of Recent Development in PLA’s Western Theatre Command

Shri Jayadeva Ranade, President, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy, Former Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India  Click to View

Taiwan & the Quad: What’s Brewing in the Indo-Pacific

Dr. Hina Pandey Associate Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies China seems to be developing a routine of escalation of tensions vis-à-vis Taiwan through its consistent...

Hypersonic Weapons: Realities and Challenges

Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS

Xinjiang Military Region: Air Assets to Monitor

Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS

Latest articles

India’s BMD Programme and Acquisition of S-400 Air Defence System

Author: Ms Nasima Khatoon, Research Associate, CAPS As per a contract signed between India and Russia in October 2018, Russia has begun delivery of the...

Russia Tests an ASAT Weapon: Space Sustainability Takes a Hit Again

Author: Gp Capt TH Anand Rao Keywords: ASAT, Debris, Weapons, Satellite, UN, Russia, LEO Close on the heels of the 76th session of United Nations General...

PM Modi hands over ‘Made in India’ combat chopper to IAF, advanced warfare suite to Navy in Jhansi

PM Modi formally hands over HAL's light combat helicopter to Indian Air Force, DRDO designed & BEL-manufactured Advanced Electronic Warfare suite for naval ships...

QUAD II: India’s Strategic Policy Shift

Author: Anu Sharma, Associate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: QUAD II, West Asia, Israel, UAE, United States   India, along with the United States, Israel and the United Arab...

Stick to the basics of nuclear deterrence

China’s recent hypersonic missile test is not such a game-changer from the point of view of nuclear deterrence. India should keep a cool head....


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