issue brief 2021

Liberalized Drone Policy Calls for Strict Air Space Management Mechanism

Wg Cdr Swaim Prakash Singh, Senior Fellow, CAPS    Click to View

France, Indo-Pacific Outlook and AUKUS Tensions: Assessing India’s Position

Ms Mahima Duggal, Research Associate, CAPS  Click to View

Implicatioins of Recent Development in PLA’s Western Theatre Command

Shri Jayadeva Ranade, President, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy, Former Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India  Click to View

Mellowing the Hype Over Hypersonic Missiles: A Panacea for Ballistic Missile Defence?

Mr Abhishek Saxena, Research Associate, CAPS  

America’s New “Integrated Deterrence” Strategy for the Indo-Pacific

Dr Joshy M Paul, Research Fellow, CAPS

Taiwan & the Quad: What’s Brewing in the Indo-Pacific

Dr. Hina Pandey Associate Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies China seems to be developing a routine of escalation of tensions vis-à-vis Taiwan through its consistent...

Hypersonic Weapons: Realities and Challenges

Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS

India’s Integrated Commands: What not to do lessons from the USA

Gp Capt RR Chaudhary, Senior Fellow CAPS

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