APRIL 2024

Civil-Military Fusion in the Indian Context

Author: Group Captain Ashish Thapa, Warfare and Aerospace Strategy Programme Participant Keywords: Civil Military Relation and Fusion, Determinants, Civilian Control, Strategic Culture, Political stability Military and...

Exercise Gagan Shakti 2024: Enhancing Operational Preparedness

Author: Air Vice Marshal Anil Golani (Retd), Director General, Centre for Air Power Studies Keywords: Airpower, Vayu Shakti, Gagan Shakti, Tarang Shakti Having finished Vayu Shakti...

Exploring Near Space: Myths, Realities, and Military Implications

Author: TH Anand Rao, Senior Fellow, Centre for Air Power Studies Keywords: Near Space, High Altitude Platforms, Airspace, Sovereignty The recent shooting down of a Chinese...

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