APRIL 2022

Air Power in the Russia-Ukraine War

Click to View PDF Author: Group Captain Vijay Shankar Rana, Senior Fellow, CAPS 18 April 2022 Keywords: Ukraine, Russia, Air Power, Russian Air Strategy, NATO. 

Nuclear Implications of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Author: Dr Manpreet Sethi, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Nuclear, Russia-Ukraine, brinkmanship, retaliation, security. Russia-Ukraine conflict is close to completing two months. During this period, President Putin...

Nuclear Security Vol 16, No. 12


Lavrov’s visit to India: Understanding India’s Significance for Russia

Author: Ngangom Dhruba Tara Singh, Associate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: India, Russia, Foreign relations On March 31, 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited India amidst the...

Turkey’s Defence Industry’s Flight to Success: Bayraktar

Click to View PDF Author: Aditya Shankar Hazarika, Copy Editor, CAPS 07 April 2022 Keywords: Turkish drones, Bayraktar, Ukraine crisis, UAVs, defence industry. 

Western Wrath on Russia: Sanctions and its Impact

Author: Ms Anadi, Research Associate, CAPS Keywords: Russia, Ukraine, China, War, Embargo It’s been more than a month since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022....

Evolving Dynamics of Space Cooperation between India and Japan

Click to View PDF Author: Simran Walia, Research Associate, CAPS 01 April 2022 Keywords: Japan, India, Space Cooperation, ISRO, JAXA 

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