Ms Pinki Roy, Research Associate, CAPS
05 January 2018: The strategic relationship between China and Russia is arguably one of the most important geopolitical moves of twenty first century….Read more

Casa-1000 Construction: A Step Towards Afghanistan’s Development
Ms Swati Sinha, Research Associate, CAPS
05 January 2018: In the previous one decade and more, India has made significant project-based investments in Afghanistan, and New Delhi is one of the largest contributors in Afghan efforts towards stability and prosperity….Read more

Eliminating Control Surfaces: A New Benchmark In Aircraft Design!
Gp Capt TH Anand Rao, Senior Fellow, CAPS
10 January 2018: The proliferation of drones for military and common use and revolution in drone technology has set the agenda in aviation industry. The next decade will see many innovative concepts like swarm UAVs and miniature drones…Read more

International Solar Alliance: Making India Shine
Dr Pamreihor Khashimwo, Research Associate, CAPS
19 January 2018: The Alliance will help in attaining the overall goal of increasing solar energy deployment for achieving energy access and speeding up economic growth of individual member countries….Read more

China’s Arctic Policy: Asserting Leadership Role In International Affairs
Dr Puyam Rakesh Singh, Associate Fellow, CAPS
31 January 2018: The white paper on ‘China’s Arctic Policy’ reiterates construction of this blue economic passage termed “Polar Silk Road”….Read more


India In The National Defence Strategy
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, CAPS
13 February 2018: Early in January 2018, US Secretary of Defence James Mattis released the 11 page National Defence Strategy (NDS) which follows the National Security Strategy (NSS) of the Trump Administration released last month….Read more

MARCH 2018

Post Maldives: China Starts Drawing Its Pound Of Flesh
Gp Capt Ashok K Chordia (Retd.), Senior Fellow, CAPS
05 March 2018: Early last month, a decision of the Maldivian Supreme Court led to a confrontation between President Yameen on one side, and the Judiciary, the Police and the opposition parties on the other….Read more

China In Maldives: India’s Options
Ms Bhavna Singh, Associate Fellow, CAPS
13 March 2018: The extension of political emergency in Maldives resulting from the arrest of two judges and a former president by President Abdulla Yameen indicates how deeply this island nation…Read more

APRIL 2018

Japanese Reservations On A Possible Us – North Korea Rapprochement – Unfounded And Counterproductive
Ms Anushree Dutta, Research Associate, CAPS
30 April 2018: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has announced that “under the proven condition of complete nuclear weapons, we no longer need any nuclear tests,…Read more

MAY 2018

Fake News & Social Media Nexus: A New Challenge For National Security
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, GD Goenka University
15 May 2018: The relationship between fake news and social media is emerging as one of the fresh challenges for national security….Read more

Understanding President Trump’s Jcpoa Decision & Potential Losses To The Us
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, CAPS
16 May 2018: President Trump announced his final decision on the landmark Iran deal after 841 days of the implementation; a deal that was hailed as a non-proliferation promise by majority of nuclear experts….Read more

Caatsa Defence Sanction On Russia By The Us: The Need For ‘Exceptionalism’ To India
Dr. Chandra Rekha, Research Fellow, ICWA
17 May 2018: The impact of US-Russia rivalry is mainly felt by their respective allies, and India being a common ally of both, sanctions is said to put India in a fix….Read more

Indian Air Dominance To Achieve Maritime Security In The Indian Ocean Region
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, CAPS
23 May 2018: The Indian Ocean has an important role to play for the region’s overall peace and prosperity and as a ‘road of development in the 21st century….Read more

The Expanding Horizons Of Civil Aviation & Indian Air Force
Wg Cdr BS Nijjar, Research Fellow, CAPS
30 May 2018: A Government of India press release dated May 08, 2018 conveyed a significant decision by Shri Suresh Prabhu the Union minister in charge of Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) which pertained to giving “in principle” approval to two new “greenfield”…Read more

Un’s New Disarmament Agenda ‘To Secure Our World And Our Future’
Ms. Sreoshi Sinha, Research Associate, CAPS
31 May 2018: The United Nations Secretary General António Guterres, announced a brand new vision for global disarmament in May, this year, to help eliminate nuclear arsenals from a world …Read more

JUNE 2018

Takeaways From Trump-Kim Singapore Summit: A Skeptic’s View
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, CAPS
13 June 2018: 12 June 2018, Singapore witnessed history. For the first time sitting heads of State from both the countries came face to face with each other to sign a mutually agreed framework for establishing a peaceful Korean peninsula…Read more

JULY 2018

Analysing Prime Minister Oli’s Visit To China
Mr Rishi Gupta, Research Associate, CAPS
12 July 2018: Nepalese Prime Minister KP Oli concluded his six-day long visit to China on June 24, 2018. This was the second state visit of PM Oli after his re-election in February this year….Read more

India-Iran Oil Dilemma Post-Us Pressure To Curb Oil Trade
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, CAPS
24 July 2018: The US has recently issued a diktat to all countries,including India, to stop all oil imports from Iran by November 2018….Read more

Reviewing The ‘Eid Ceasefire’ In Afghanistan
Ms Swati Sinha, Research Associate, CAPS
31 July 2018: The Taliban and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) jointly observed a three-day ceasefire during June 15-17, 2018. It came as a follow up of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s prior demand…Read more


‘Do Not Buy’ List Of Dod: Escalating Cyber Concerns Between The Us And Russia-China
Dr. E.Dilipraj, Research Fellow, CAPS
01 August 2018: The US has recently admitted preparing a ‘Do Not Buy’ list of companies that use Russian and Chinese origin software in their products. The acceptance for this came from Ellen Lord, the Under Secretary in charge of procurement in DoD…Read more

Women In Countering Terrorism
Ms Sreoshi Sinha, Research Associate, CAPS
03 August 2018: According to a research conducted by Mia Bloom, the author of “Bombshell: Women and Terrorism”, female suicide bombers, including the Chechen Black Widows,…Read more

Infrastructure Development In Border Areas: Requirement Of Helipads And “Dronepads”
Wg Cdr BS Nijjar, Research Fellow, CAPS
05 August 2018:One of the key elements of the BADP programme concerns the connectivity of the border areas and promotion of tourism. However, under the scheme the need to include development of infrastructure…Read more

The Unacceptable Idea Of Theatre Commands
Gp Capt Anant Bewoor (Ret’d)
07 August 2018: There are adequate examples of how Theatre Commands will not work, these are from operations / exercises by Indian Armed Forces. If each Theatre is to be independent and self-sufficient…Read more

Theatre Commands – The Indian Context
Air Marshal Narayan Menon (Ret’d)
20 August 2018: There have been media reports about the Indian military reorganizing itself into integrated ‘theatre commands’ as opposed to the current system of ‘ individual service regional commands’….Read more

Why Theatre Commands Is An Unnecessary Idea
Air Chief Marshal S Krishnaswamy (Ret’d)
20 August 2018: There have been murmurs of a debate in recent days about the idea of forming three integrated military Theatre Commands, covering the Northern, Eastern and Southern territory,…Read more

Us–China Trade War: Dangers Of Validating The ‘Churchill Trap’
Ms Bhavna Singh, Associate Fellow, CAPS
24 August 2018: Early in July 2018, the US imposed a duty of $34billion worth of products on Chinese goods jolting the two into atrade war.In retaliation the Chinese slapped an additional 25 percent…Read more

Significance Of Sco For India -Peace Mission Exercise-2018
Dr Poonam Mann, Associate Fellow, CAPS
31 August 2018: A fast changing security paradigm is throwing up new challenges and concerns. These threats range from inter-state conflicts, terrorism to economic, demographic and social tensions, ethno-religious issues,…Read more


Pakistan’s Economic Crisis: Long March For Imran Khan
Dr Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, CAPS
04 September 2018: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his inaugural address to the nation, unveiled his constructive vision for the nation and vowed to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state….Read more

Human Spaceflight – A Timely And Bold Decision By India
Gp Capt Anand Rao, Senior Fellow, CAPS
23 September 2018: Seeking to put humans in orbit or land them on the moon is the ultimate challenge which combines both – the space science and technology, as well as space biology….Read more

Yemen War: Worsening Humanitarian Catastrophe
Dr. Dipanwita Chakravortty, Research Associate, CAPS
27 September 2018: On 19 September 2018, the UN Humanitarian Chief Mark Lowcock said, “A famine inflicting huge loss of life could strike at any time in Yemen,…Read more

Environmentally Challenged Maldives: China’s Gamble To Dominate Indian Ocean
Mr. Cyriac S. Pampackal
28 September 2018: Since the entry of China, there has been a paradigm shift in Maldivian behaviour and policies. An island nation which was planning to invest its revenue to buy land on foreign countries…Read more


Is The Threat Of Nuclear Terrorism Real?
Ms Sreoshi Sinha, Research Associate, CAPS
01 October 2018: The latest biennial index of nuclear security prepared by the Nuclear Threat Initiative, that was published on 5th September, 2018, titled “Building a Framework for Assurance, Accountability, and Action”…Read more

The Ruav & The “Mehar Baba” Prize
Wg Cdr BS Nijjar, Research Fellow, CAPS
08 October 2018: On October 03, 2018 Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa PVSM AVSM VSM VM ADC announced the institution of the “Mehar Baba” prize worth Rs 10 lakh with a provision…Read more

A Look Into Japan’s Remilitarization
Ms Anushree Dutta, Research Associate, CAPS
16 October 2018: Japan’s remilitarization will lead to major shift in the geopolitical balance in East Asia. Japan seems to have already taken steps towards remilitarization. Read more

Strengthening Of India- Uzbekistan Relations
Dr. Poonam Mann, Associate Fellow, CAPS
30 October 2018: Uzbekistan is keen to expand its cooperation with India in as many areas as possible . “It sees India as one of its key partner not only in Asia but globally as well”…Read more


Japan-Russia Territorial Dispute: Peace Treaty Possible?
Ms Anushree Dutta, Research Associate, CAPS
06 November 2018: For more than 70 years, Russia and Japan have been locked over disputed islands — Kunashiri, Etorofu and Shikotan, and the Habomai islet group….Read more


Iaf’s Maiden Flight Takes Wings With Indigenous Bio-Jet Fuel
Wg Cdr Asheesh Shrivastava, Research Fellow, CAPS
17 December 2018: The maiden IAF flight of December 17, 2018 was flown by highly qualified test pilots from the prestigious Aircraft & System Testing Establishment (ASTE), under the supervision of Air Officer Commanding, Chandigarh….Read more

Why An Air-Launched Ballistic Missile: An Assessment
Gp Capt Rohit Kaura, Senior Fellow, CAPS
18 December 2018: An air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM) is a ballistic missile launched from a bomber and allows the strategic bomber to stand off at long distances from its target, keeping it well outside the interceptor aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles range….Read more

West Asia After Khashoggi’s Murder: Amplifying The Regional Fissures?
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, CAPS
23 December 2018: West Asia has often been referred to as a region with systematic violations of human rights and international law resulting in an unpredictable and unstable environment at the domestic and regional levels….Read more