China’s New Cybersecurity Law And Takeaways For India
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
06 January 2017: On November 07, 2016, The 24th Session Of The Standing Committee Of The 12th National People’s Congress Of China Passed The Country’s Cybersecurity Law….Read More

Is Constrained: Shifting Agendas And Targets
Ms Radhika Halder, Research Associate, Caps
11 January 2017: The New Year Has Only Just Begun And Already Given Us The First Terror Incident. It Was In One Of Ankara’s Nightclubs Where A Gunman Went On A Rampage, Killing 39 People….Read More

Questioning The ‘One China’ Principle?
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
12 January 2017: Taiwan Remains A Very Sensitive National Issue For China. It Is At The Heart Of China’s ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Policy For Peaceful Reunification Of Taiwan. But The Island Is Still A De Facto Independent State…Read More

Shutting Down Of Japan’s Monju Reactor: Prevailing Nuclear Energy Uncertainties
Mr.Gideon Kharmalki, Research Associate, Caps
23 January 2017: In December 2016, Japanese Officials Finally Decided To Pull The Plug On The Monju Reactor. The Monju Reactor Is Located At Tsuruga City In The Fukui Prefecture…Read More

Alleged Russian Hacking During The U.S. Presidential Election: A Political Witch Hunt Or Russian Subversion?
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
24 January 2017: The 58th Quadrennial U.S. Presidential Election Of 2016 Was ‘Different’ In More Than One Way Than Many Previously Held U.S. Presidential Elections….Read More

Why Is Russia Apahetic Towards Cpec?
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 January 2017: The Growing Partnership Between Russia And Pakistan Has Caused Anxiety For India And Uncertainty In The Overall Strategic Partnership With Its Traditional Ally- Russia. But Is It Right To Say That The Current Partnership Between Moscow And Islamabad Is ‘Foolproof’…Read More


Iranian Nuclear Deal And Uncertainty Post-Rafsanjani
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
01 February 2017: On January 08, 2017, Iranian Politics Suffered A Major Setback With The Death Of Iran’s Former President, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani….Read More

China’s New Commission For Enhancing Civil-Military Integration
Dr. Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
08 February 2017: The Ongoing Pla Reform Recently Witnessed The Establishment Of A New Central Commission For Civilian-Military Development… Read More

Iraqi Kurdistan’s Oil Odyssey
Divya Malhotra, Research Associate, Caps
13 February 2017: One Century Ago, The Victorious Imperial Powers In World War I Drew Borders On Sands Of West Asia And The Modern State Of Iraq Was Founded… Read More.

The Next Disruptive Technology In Electronics: Graphene Transistors
Arjun Subramanian P
16 February 2017: A Breakthrough In Graphene-Based Transistor Technology Was Reported In An Editorial Recently In The Indian Express By A Team Working On The Technology At The Indian Institute Of Science (Iisc), Bangalore… Read More

Dimensions And Dynamics Of Fake News Ecosystem On The Internet
Gp Capt A K Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
16 February 2017: The News Coverage And Consumption Across The Globe Is In The Midst Of A Paradigm Shift In Which Traditional News Gathering Practices Are Giving Way To Extensive Use Of Web And Social Media Into Routinized Newsgathering Practices…Read More

Potential Security Gains Of Indian Space Technology Development
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
20 February 2017: On 15 February 2017, At 0928h Indian Standard Time (Ist) Isro Carried Out The Launch Of Its Pslv C-37 Mission. This Rocket Carried India’s Cartosat-2d, (Ins)-1a And Ins-1b, And 101 Nano Satellites…Read More

Trump’s Sanctions And The Unmaking Of The Iranian Nuclear Deal?
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
22 February 2017: The Relations Between Us And Iran Have Started Moving Towards A New Low With The Us Imposing Fresh Batch Of Sanctions On Iran. These Fresh Sanctions Have Supplied Iran With A Reason To Re-Affirm Their Adversarial Feelings Towards The Us….Read More

The Security Of The Indian Ocean Region: Deliberating The Regional Security Framework
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, Caps
24 February 2017: The Indian Ocean Faces Security Threats From Both Traditional And Non-Traditional Sources. The Region Is Surrounded By The Most Number Of Developing And Under-Developed Countries, Apart From Few Developed Countries….Read More

MARCH 2017

Opportunistic Symbiosis: China-Ukraine-Russia Show The Way
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
01 March 2017: Modernisation Of The Chinese Military And Their Indigenisation Efforts Are An Important Part Of Overall Target Set Pursued By The Chinese Power Centre Led By President Xi Jinping As The Head Of Recently Established Central Commission For Integrated Military And Civilian Development…

New Variant Df-5c Joins The Equation With Ten Mirvs
Arjun Subramanian P
01 March, 2017: The Pla Rocket Force Has Test Fired Another Nuclear Capable Icbm Which Is A New Variant In The Df-5 Series Referred To As The Df-5c. The Missile Is Mirv Capable And Is Believed To Be Capable Of Carrying 10 Nuclear Warheads…

Operation Radd-Ul-Fasaad: Pakistan’s Military Response To Terrorism
Dr Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, Caps
02 March 2017: On February 22, Pakistan Army Announced The Launch Of A Nationwide Military Operation – “Operation Radd-Ul-Fasaad’, According To The Statement Issued By Inter-Services Public Relations (Ispr), The Army’s Media Wing….Read More

The Surge In Bitcoin’s Price And Popularity: Looking Beyond The Hype
Gp Capt Ak Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
08 March 2017: On March 03, 2017 The Price Of Bitcoin Peaked At Us $ 1,293, An All-Time Record High After Rallying To New Highs For Four Consecutive Days. With Gold Trading At Us $1,230 An Ounce, This Was The First Time When One Bitcoin Had More Monitory Worth Than One Ounce Of Gold…

China’s Military Budget This Fiscal
Dr. Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
09 March 2017: For The Second Year In A Row China Has Increased Its Defence Spending To Below The Ten Percent Mark. Prior To This, Increase In Defence Spending Of China Had Been At Or Above The Ten Percent Mark Consistently For Nearly Two Decades… Read More

Understanding China’s Wei Qi Moves In The Indian Ocean
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
09 March 2017: Since China Became A Net Importer Of Oil In 1993, Strategic Importance Of The Indian Ocean For China Has Increased Manifold. In This Regard, China’s Dependence On The Strait Of Malacca– Which Is Popularly Known As China’s “Malacca Dilemma”…Read More

China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Is It A Win-Win For Pakistan?
Dr Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, Caps
23 March 2017: Islamabad Is Struggling With Declining Fdi, Investments And Energy Crisis And Is Expected To Reap Economic Dividends From The Upcoming Corridor Helping Mitigate Its Current Economic Struggle. Although The Pakistani Leadership Seems To Be Confident Of The Economic And Strategic Benefits Of The Corridor,…

Westminster Attack And The Menace Of The Islamic State
Ms Radhika Halder, Research Associate, Caps
28 March 2017: As If To Mark The Anniversary Of The Brussels Terror Attacks Last Year At Zavantem Airport And Maalbeek Metro Station, The Iconic City Of London Witnessed A Gory Terror Attack. On 22nd March, 2017,…Read More

High Power Microwave: China’s Pursuit Of Future Weapons
Mr Arjun Subramanian P
28 March 2017: It Is Now Known That China’s Microwave Weapon System Is On The Top Priority Project List. In January 2017, The Microwave Anti-Missile Project Won The First Prize In The National Science And Technology Progress Award….

Westinghouse Files For Bankruptcy: Is The Deal Still On?
Mr. Gideon Kharmalki, Research Associate, Caps
31 March 2017: In 2008, New Delhi And Washington Signed The Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement. It Received Mixed Responses From Experts, For And Against It. Yet, The Deal Became What Has Been Touted As The ‘Centrepiece’ In Indo-Us Relations, Having Varied Strategic And Diplomatic Implications… 

APRIL 2017

National Security Vs. Personal Privacy: The Encryption Conundrum
Gp Capt Ak Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
05 April 2017: Given The Ubiquity Of Digital Connectivity Permeating All Aspects Of Our Social, Economic And Professional Lives, Encryption Is The Last Line Of Defence Against Cyber-Crimes, Cyber Terrorism And Against Theft Of Valuable Information….Read More

Locating The Role For Aircraft Carriers In The Indo-Pacific
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, Caps
10 April 2017: The Relevance Of Aircraft Carriers Has Been A Topic Of Hot Debate Among The Strategic Community Lately. The Aircraft Carriers Are The Largest And Most Complex Of All Warships And Bestow A Great Degree Of Prestige…Read More

President Xi’s Us Visit Upstaged By A Renewed American Wilsonianism
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 April 2017: Many Of The Newspapers In Israel Last Week Headlined On The Us Missile Attack On Syria, Done In Retaliation To Evidence That Pointed Towards The Presence Of Chemical Weapons On Syrian Soil And Its Attack On Its Civilian Population….Read More

St. Petersburg Attack – Central Asia In Focus Again
Dr Poonam Mann, Research Associate, Caps
12 April 2017: Confirmation From The Russian Investigators And Kyrgyz Security Services That The Suicide Bomber Responsible For The St.Petersburg Metro Bombing On 3rd April Is A Kyrgyz National, Puts The Spotlight On The Central Asian Region Once Again….Read More

Personalities And Characteristics: Iranian Presidential Elections 2017
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
24 April 2017: The Political Climate Is Again Tense And Unpredictable In Iran As The Nation Will Be Witnessing The 12th Presidential Elections Which Are Scheduled To Be Held On May 19 This Year. The Council Of Guardians…Read More

Moab On Afghanistan: Shock And Awe
Wg Cdr Anand Rao, Research Fellow, Caps
24 April 2017: On 13 Apr 17 At 1502 Gmt, Usaf Dropped The Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb, The Mother Of All Bombs, Moab,In Achin District Of Nangarhar Province Of Afghanistan. The Bomb Was Used Against Caves And Bunkers Housing Militants…Read More

The Tomahawk Attack: Concoction Of Political Signaling, Air Defence & Economics
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
25 April 2017: The Attack, Initiated On April 7, 2017 At 0440hrs (Syrian Local Time), Comprised A Fusillade Of 59 Bgm-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (Tlams) Launched By Two Us Navy ‘Arleigh Burke’ Class Destroyers…Read More

China’s Attempts At Getting A Foothold In The Bay Of Bengal
Dr Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
27 April 2017: If China Has To Become A Major Player In The Bay Of Bengal, Myanmar And Bangladesh Can Create The Playground For China. But There Are Other Regional Players Involved In The Games Too….Read More

To The Edge Of Space On A Gust Of Air
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
29 April 2017: The New Perlan-Ii Glider Is Pressurised And Has Lighter And More Advanced Avionics And Controls On Board. The Perlan-Ii Pressurised Glider Flew Up To An Altitude Of 30,615 Feet Amsl…Read More

MAY 2017

Clamour For Theatre Commands Is A Peacetime Phenomenon
Air Marshal Vinod Patney, Former Vice Chief Of Air Staff And Presently Director General, Caps
08 May 2017: It Is Uncanny How So Many Consider Theatre Commands An Inescapable Necessity During Peacetime But Can Quote No Incident Where, In Independent India, The Absence Of Such An Organisation Has Impeded The Prosecution Of Any War.

Facebook’s Foray Into Augmented Reality And Brain-Computer Interface: Beyond The Hype And Headlines
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
08 May 2017: In Cyberspace, The Virtual, Augmented And Mixed Reality Has Already Made Deep Inroads And Has Muddled The Reality Of Its Users So Much, That Its Pursuit In Unadulterated Form Has Become A Challenge.

India’s Space Diplomacy: The South Asia Satellite
Wg Cdr Anand Rao, Research Fellow, Caps
09 May 2017: Having Mastered The Art And Science Of Making Satellites And Putting Them Into Orbit, It Was Time To Show The World That India Can Take A Lead In Regional Cooperation. The Initiative To Have An Exclusive Communications Satellite For The Countries Of Saarc.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: The Flagship Of The Belt Road Initiative
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
11 May 2017: It Is A Well-Established Fact That China’s Economic Growth Is Dependent On An Open Global Economic System. As China Got Itself Integrated Into The International Economic Regimes – Ever Since The Initiation Of Economic Reforms..

Dprk’s Failing Missile Tests: Speculations On The Employment Of Cyber Warfare For Missile Defence
Mr Arjun Subramanian P
12 May 2017: Recent News Reports Speculate On The Possibility Of Us Cyber Warfare Efforts Behind The Failed North Korean Ballistic Missile Launches….Read More

Expediency And Viability Of Cyber-Attacks To Thwart The North Korean Missile Threat
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
12 May 2017: North Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea, Dprk) Has Been Keeping The World On Tenterhooks With Repeated Rhetoric About A Nuclear Response To Any Attack Or Intervention In Its Ballistic Missile Programme.

Can China Cause Power Outage In India: Operation Blackout?
Wg Cdr A Shrivastava, Research Fellow, Caps
15 May 2017: The Times Of India Had, On January 21, 2017, First Reported The Vulnerability Of India’s Transmission Network To Hacking In An ‘Intelligent’ Environment In Which Machines ‘Talk’ To Each Other On A Common Platform.

100 Days Of Nuclear Issues Under Trump Presidency
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
15 May 2017: On 29th April 2017, President Trump Completed 100 Days Of His Ascendancy To The White House. It Is Within These 100 Days That President Trump Has Appointed Important Nsc Members Who Are Responsible For Guiding The American Security And Foreign Policy.

South Korea’s New President Has Bigger Challenges To Counter
Ms Debalina Ghoshal, Research Fellow, Centre For Human Security Studies, Hyderabad
15 May 2017: Finally On May 10, 2017, South Korea Got Its President From The Democracy Party, Mr. Moon Jae-In. Of Course, His Responsibilities As A President Would Not Be An Easy. This Is Because He Has Become The President Amid Acute Crisis In The Korean Peninsula.

Where’s The Money Honey? Are Indian Atms Vulnerable To Cyber Attack
Wg Cdr A Shrivastava, Research Fellow, Caps
17 May 2017: India Was Among The Countries Worst Affected By The ‘Wannacry’attack, As Per Data Shared By Kaspersky, A Russian Anti-Virus Company.According To Initial Calculations Performed Soon After The Malware Struck On Early Morning Of May 12, 2017.

China’s Belt And Road Initiative Forum: Understanding India’s Position
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
21 May 2017: India Is The Only Major Power That Has Abstained From Participating In The Bri Forum Organised By China, While Countries Such As Russia And The Us Have Participated. This Only Conveys That India Is On Its Own In Deterring China’s Ambitious Project…Read More

Rouhani’s Second Term Win And The Rising Iranian Expectations
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
29 May 2017: Iran’s State Television On Saturday Declared President Rouhani The Winner Of The Country’s Presidential Election Held On May 19, 2017, For A Second Term. In The Latest Election Tallies, Hassan Rouhani Garnered 23.5 Million Votes,Or 57%.

The Impact Of “De-Escalation” Zones In Syria
Mr Ramnath Reghunadhan, Research Intern, Caps
29 May 2017: The Syrian Civil War Has Entered Its Seventh Year And Has Accounted For More Than 500,000 Killed, Over 1 Million Injured And Over 12 Million Syrians Living As Refugees Or Internally Displaced Persons (Idps)..

JUNE 2017

Organisational Framework Of India’s Cyber Defence And Response
E.Dilipraj And Ramnath Reghunadhan
02 June 2017: There Exists An Ambiguity In Terms Of The Effectiveness Of The Existing Cyber Defence And Response Architecture In The Country. Therefore, There Is A Need To Visualize An Organisational Framework…Read More

Applying The Joint Doctrine To Win The Air Defence War
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
05 June 2017: On April 22, 2017, The Highlight Of Closing Address Of The Chief Of Army Staff (Coas) General Bipin Rawat−After The Biannual Army Commanders’ Conference−Was An Emphasis On The Indian Army’s (Ia) Modernisation Plan….Read More

Iranian Presidential Elections And The Nuclear Deal
Wg Cdr Rohit Kaura, Research Fellow, Caps
05 June 2017: While One Can Interpret President’s Rouhani’s Comeback As Widespread Public Support For The Deal, Iranians Are Yet To See Many Tangible Economic Benefits. Of Course, Things Are Beginning To Look Up….Read More

Here’s Why The Nuclear Deal Between Japan & India Matters
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
07 June 2017: On 19 May 2017, The Lower House Of The Japanese Parliament,The House Of Councilors, Approved The Civilian Nuclear Cooperation Pact Between Japan And India. The Endorsement By The Japanese Parliament Is A Welcome Development For India…Read More

India Gets A Leg Up In Heavy Satellite Launch Capability
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
09 June 2017: The Successful Launch Of Gslv Mk-Iii Gives India Freedom From Dependence On Other Countries For Heavy Satellite Launch. It Also Opens Up Potential Opportunities For India To Gain From The Global Satellite Launch Market…Read More

Pakistan’s Approach To Understanding Terrorism
Ms Shreya Talwar, Research Associate, Caps
10 June 2017: Pakistan Has Launched Eleven Successive Military Operations Targeting Terrorist Groups Within Its Territory. Despite That, Such Groups Manage To Survive And Continue Attacking. The Series Of Terrorist Attacks Across Pakistan…Read More

Asia-Africa Growth Corridor: Challenges And Opportunities For India
Mr Piyush Ghasiya, Research Associate, Caps
13 June 2017: On 25th May 2017, A Vision Document Titled As “Asia Africa Growth Corridor (Aagc) Partnership For Sustainable And Innovative Development” Was Launched At The African Development Bank (Afdb) Meeting Held In Gandhinagar, Gujarat….Read More

The Qatar Crisis: Politics Of Coercion
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
14 June 2017: West Asia Is Witnessing A Major Crisis As A Result Of Saudi Arabia Joining Hands With Other Arab States (Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (Uae), Egypt, Jordan And Libya’s Internal Government), Maldives And Islamic Republic Of Mauritania, To Officially Sever Diplomatic Ties With Qatar…Read More

India-Russia 18th Annual Bilateral Summit: A New Vigour With A New Vision
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
14 June 2017: Recently, At The 18th Annual Summit On 31 May To 02 June 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi And President Vladimir Putin Communicated Positive Attitude And Feelings…Read More

First Successful Intercept Of An Icbm Class Target: A Brief Assessment Of Gmd
Arjun Subramanian P
29 June 2017: The United States Missile Defence Agency (Mda) Had Conducted The First Ever Successful Live-Intercept Of An Icbm Class Target With Its Ground-Based Midcourse Defence (Gmd) System….Read More

JULY 2017

The Vicious Gulf Crisis: What Does It Mean For India
Richa Sharma, Research Intern, Caps
05 July 2017: President Donald J. Trump’s Recent Visit To The Middle East Proved Quite Provocative, For His Statements Might Have Instigated The Gulf Crisis. Already, Qatar Shares Bittersweet Relations With Its Neighbors Such As Egypt, Saudi Arabia Etc….Read More

Fading Away Of South Korea’s Nuclear Energy?
Mr Santanu Bhattacharya, Research Intern, Caps
05 July 2017: On 19 June 2017, South Korea’s Newly Elected President; Moon Jae-In Announced Shutting Down Its Oldest Nuclear Power Plant Kori-1….Read More

President Trump’s Exit From Paris Agreement And Us-India Relations
Ms Ishka Yadav, Research Intern, Caps
13 July 2017: Climate Change Is Real And It’s Affecting Our Planet, But Is Climate Change Really Affecting The Climate Diplomacy? The American Withdrawal From The Paris Agreement By President Trump, However, Indicates Otherwise….Read More

Pakistan Attempts To Foray Into5th-Generation Fighter Manufacturing: Looking Beyond Rhetoric And At Reality
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
15 July 2017: In An Ambitious Attempt To Achieve A Larger Measure Of Self-Reliance In The Field Of Aviation Industry, Pakistan Has Decided To Amalgamate Academia For R&D With Aviation Industry…. Read More

Ski-Jump Limitations And Plan’s Solutions
Arjun Subramanian P
25 July 2017: Reports On Chinese Naval Aviation Have Been In The News Lately And Chinese Media Is Abuzz With Photographs Of The J-15 Fighters Operating From The Plan’s First Carrier – The Liaoning….Read More

China’s Vision Document For ‘Maritime Cooperation Under The Bri’: What Is It?
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, Caps
27 July 2017: To Endorse Joint Actions And Synchronised Development Plans With The ‘States Of The Maritime Silk Road’, The Two State Agencies Of People’s Republic Of China, Namely National Development And Reform Commission (Ndrc) And State Oceanic Administration (Soa) Released The Document On 20 June 2017…. Read More

Iran Opens Up: New Goals, New Deals
Ms Priyanka Prakash, Research Intern, Caps
28 July 2017: Iran’s Abundance Of Vast Energy Reserves Which Serves As The Backbone Of Its Economy, Is Highly Unexplored And Unexploited Compared To Its Arab Neighbours. Iran Is In Dire Need Of Foreign Funding And Technical Expertise…Read More

China To Build A Stronger Navy
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 July 2017: A Strong Military For A Strong Country Is The Mantra In China Under President Xi Jinping. Thus China Is Working Towards Building A Powerful Navy As Part Of Its Military Modernisation And Reform….Read More

Ban The Bomb : Drawing Attention To Effects Of Nuclear Weapons
Wg Cdr Rohit Kaura, Research Fellow, Caps
31 July 2017: A Treaty On The Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons Also Known As “Ban The Bomb Treaty” Was Passed At The United Nations On July 07, 2017. It Opens For Signatures On September 20, 2017…Read More


Pakistan’s Use Of Fake News On Indo-China Standoff: A New Low
Ms Kriti Singh, Non-Resident Associate Fellow, Caps
03 August 2017: The Indo-China Standoff In Doklam Has Been In The News Media, Both Print As Well Online. However, In The Midst Of Narratives And Counter Narratives From The Indian As Well Chinese Media, One Very Disturbing Side Of Fake News Was Witnessed…Read More

India And Kazakhstan: Nurturing The Relationship
Dr Poonam Mann, Associate Fellow, Caps
14 August 2017: Joining The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (Sco) As A Full Member Is An Important Move On India’s Part To Get Connected With Central Asian Republics (Cars)….Read More

Changing Geopolitical Dynamics And Malabar Exercise
Mr Piyush Ghasiya, Research Associate, Caps
16 August 2017: The Naval Forces Of India, Japan And U.S. Recently Concluded The 21st Edition Of Their Annual Drills Known As Malabar Exercise From 10th To 17th July 2017. The Aim Of The Exercise Is To Achieve Better Military Understanding And Interoperability…Read More

Iran’s Space Programme: Back From Dormancy
Wg Cdr T H Anand Rao, Research Fellow, Caps
18 August 2017: Iran Inaugurated Its New Imam Khomeini National Space Center On July 27, 2017 By Successfully Launching Its Two-Stage ‘Simorgh’ Rocket Into Space. Though Iranian State Television Showed…Read More

Us Oil Sanctions Against Venezuela: Possible Effects
Mr Siddharth Malhotra, Research Intern, Caps
21 August 2017: On The 1st Of August 2017, The United States Imposed Sanctions Against The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, And His Administration In Response To The Increasingly Authoritarian Executive That Is Helping The President And His Socialist Party…Read More

Why Turkish T-129 Is The Preferred Choice Over Chinese Wz-10 For Pakistan Attack Helicopter Programme
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
28 August 2017: Pakistan Army Aviation Corps (Aac) Operates The Entire Attack Helicopter Fleet And Is Presently Composed Mainly Of The American Supplied Ah-1f/S Cobra Helicopters And An Induction Of Its Upgraded Version Ah-1z Viper…Read More

China’s Asat Programme: Shooting Beyond Leo
Mr Arjun Subramanian P
29 August 2017: China Is Reported To Have Tested Its Anti-Satellite Weapon Once Again And It Is The 3rd Test With The Dn-3 Launcher. It Last Carried Out A Successful Test In December 2016….Read More


North Korean Space Ventures: A Threat To The Us
Wg Cdr T H Anand Rao, Research Fellow, Caps
12 September 2017: It Is Feared That North Korea Is Working Towards Launching A Nuke-Carrying Satellite Into Space Which Can Be Detonated Over The Us At A Time Of Choosing.The Resulting Blast Would Cause…Read More

Has The Chinese “Leap-Frogging” Technique In Acquiring Aeroengine Tech From Motor-Sich Backfired?
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
22 September 2017: On July 24, 2017 The Offices Of The Over 100 Year Old Ukrainian Aero-Engine And Industrial Gas Turbine Engine Manufacturing Concern Motor-Sich Were Raided By The Ukrainian Law Enforcement Agencies Possibly At The Behest Of General Prosecutor Of Ukraine (Gpu)….Read More

Zapad 2017: Russia Demonstrating Its Combat Readiness To Nato
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
22 September 2017: The Joint Strategic Military Exercise— Zapad-2017- Was Conducted Between Russia And Belarus From 14-20 September 2017 In Belarus As Well As In Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast And Russia’s Other North-Western Areas….Read More


Us Permanent Military Base In Israel: An Eye On Iran?!
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
04 October 2017: On September 18, 2017, The Us Inaugurated A Permanent Military Base In Israel Regarded As Its“First Ever Stationary Unit.” It Is Located Inside…Read More

Is Russia Using Its Thermobaric Weapons In Syria?
Arjun Subramanian P
05 October 2017: The Russian Defence Minister Had Stated That Their Military Had So Far Tested 162 Types Of Weapons In Syria And Except For Ten, All Systems Performed With Optimum Results….Read More

Indo-Israel Space Co-Operation : The Way Ahead In Strategic Collaborations
Wg Cdr Th Anand Rao, Research Fellow, Caps
09 October 2017: Key Projects Are Being Formalized In Space Technologies With Isa, Taking Forward A Co-Operation Agreement Signed Between The Two During The Visit Of India’s Prime Minister To Israel In July 2017….Read More

India’s Future Energy Basket: A Place For Everything
Wg Cdr Rohit Kaura, Research Fellow, Caps
10 October 2017: India’s Improved Economic Development Combined With Rapid Urbanisation And Improved Standards Of Living For The Millions Of Households, Has Led To Inexorable Upward Pressure On Need For Energy….Read More

Nransom: Ransomwar That Demands Beyond Monetary Gains
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 October 2017: Not Long Ago The Term ‘Ransomware’ Was Making Buzz Across The World, As It Was Only In May 2017 Wannacry Ransomware Spread So Fast Infecting More Than 230,000 Computers In Over 150 Countries…Read More

19th Cpc: Lookout For Continuity Or Change In China’s Maritime Behaviour
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, Caps
18 October 2017: The 19th Party Congress Of China’s National Congress Will Be Held On October 18, 2017. Held Once Every Five Years, It Is The Most Important Political Meeting In The Country Where The Formal Leadership…Read More

The Growing Faith In India-Afghanistan Relations
Ms Swati Sinha, Research Associate, Caps
30 October 2017: In Response To And At The Request Of The Afghan Government, The Multifaceted Aid Programs Provided By India Has Been Immensely Appreciated And Welcomed By Afghans And Their Government….Read More

Japan’s Ballistic Missile Defence System Amidst The Growing North Korean Threat
Mr Piyush Ghasiya, Research Associate, Caps
30 October 2017: On 4th July 2017 (Independence Day Of The U.S.), North Korea Gave A Surprise Gift To The U.S. In The Form Of Its First Icbm- Hwasong-14 Which According To The Experts Has The Potential To Reach Till Alaska….Read More


The North Korean Nuclear Crisis – No End In Sight
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
02 November 2017: These Days North Korea Is In The ‘Spotlight’ For Being The Epicenter Of The Nuclear Crisis- That Almost Had The Whole World Apprehending About A Possible ‘War On The Korean Peninsula’. The Recent Crisis Owes Its Origin To The Sixth Nuclear Test…Read More

India-Bhutan Relations: Unlocking The Hydropower Potential For Better Cooperation
Dr Pamreihor Khashimwo, Research Associate, Caps
07 November 2017: Bhutan Has A Hydropower Potential Of 30,000mw Of Which 23,000 Mw Can Be Tapped Easily. Bhutan Exports The Surplus Power To India And Earns Much-Needed Revenue…Read More

Achieving Congruence In Defence Procurements
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
08 November 2017: During The Short Period Of Less Than Two Months The Rm Has Visited Various Defence Establishments Around The Country Including Forward Area Posts In Siachen And Andaman & Nicobar (A&N) Islands. The Highlight Of All These Visits Has Been The Emphasis On Capacity And Capability Development Of The Armed Forces…Read More

Asean 2017 At Manila: Fracturing Or Resurrection Of The Regional Order
Ms Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, Caps
20 November 2017: From 10-14 November 2017, Manila Successfully Held The 31st Edition Of Association Of South East Asian Nations Or Asean Summit And Related Summits . Asean Also Celebrated Its Commemoration Of 50 Years Of Existence Since Being Established In 1967.Read More…

India’s Energy Transition: Role Of Renewable Energy And Challenges
Dr Pamreihor Khashimwo, Research Associate, Caps
22 November 2017: India Is The 4th Largest Consumer Of Energy In The World After China, The Usa, And Russia But It Is Not Bestowed With Bountiful Energy Resources….Read More

China’s Drone Exports – Tapping A New Market
Ms Pinki Roy, Research Associate, Caps
25 November 2017: China Showcased The Three Variants Of Its Stealth Class Yunying Drone During The 15th Edition Of The Biennial Dubai Air Show That Was Held Between 12-16 November 2017….Read More

Cancellation Of Spike Atgm Deal: Indigenisation Over Force Modernisation
Mr Arjun Subramanian P
30 November 2017: The Ministry Of Defence Has Surprisingly Cancelled The Deal To Procure Over 8000 Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missiles And Has Instead Tasked The Defence Research And Development Organisation (Drdo) To Design A Man-Portable Atgm…Read More


Drone Revolution: Regulation & Management
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
06 December 2017: On November 22, 2017 The Minister Of State For Civil Aviation Shri Jayant Sinha Chaired A Discussion Meeting Seeking Inputs On The Draft Car On Civil Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (Rpas)…Read More

Russia Bulding ‘Brics’ Internet- An Attempt Towards Splinter-Net Or Parallel-Net
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
08 December 2017: At A Meeting On October 26, 2017, The Security Council Of Russia Instructed Its Ministry Of Communications And The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs To Initiate Discussion Among Brics Countries For The Creation…Read More

Abdication Of Emperor Akihito And The Future Of Japan’s Imperial Family
Mr Piyush Ghasiya, Research Associate, Caps
15 December 2017: On December 01, 2017, Chaired By Japanese Pm Shinzo Abe, A Ten-Member Imperial Household Council Which Comprises Lawmakers, Royals, And Supreme Court Justices Decided April 30, 2019, For The Abdication Of Emperor Akihito….Read More

Trump Unveils A National Security Strategy That Reflects ‘America First’campaign Pledge
Gp Capt Arvind Pandey, Senior Fellow, Caps
26 December 2017: The Trump Administration’s National Security Strategy 2017- Based On What The White House Calls “Principled Realism” – Marks A Significant Shift In Emphasis From The Past…Read More