Exploitation Of Social Media By Enemy: Honeytrap Operations
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, School Of Media Studies, Jaipur National University
28 Jan 2016: Recent Media Reports Reveal That The Enemy Sitting Across The Border Is Unceasingly Masterminding Honey Trap Operations And This Time Using The Social Media Platforms….Read More

India’s Strategic Push: Countering Or Enabling Equilibrium Against China
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
28 Jan 2016: India Stated That It Would Set Up A Satellite Tracking And Imaging Centre In Southern Vietnam…Read More

Pipelines Of India’s Energy Security
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
28 Jan 2016: A Major Development In India’s Energy Import Scenario Took Place On 13 December 2015 At Mary, Turkmenistan…Read More

Space Based Counter Terrorism & Crime Initiatives: Using The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (Irnss) To Track Stolen Cars & Other Vehicles
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
25 Jan 2016: Attempts To Explore The Applicability Of The Irnss To One Of The Most Pressing Problems Presently Vexing Security Agencies…Read More

The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System 1e: Another Keystone For Make In India
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
21 Jan 2016: It Is Widely Believed That The Term ‘Navigation’ Derives From The Sanskrit “Navgatih”….Read More

Isro Launches Fifth Navigational Satellite Irnss-1e
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
21 Jan 2016: Isro Has Successfully Launched Its Fifth Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (Irnss- 1e), On January 20, 2016…Read More

China Steps Into The Middle East
Ms Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
21 Jan 2016: The Recent Release Of China’s First White Paper On Its Arab Policy Must Be Viewed…Read More

The Encryption Dilemma: Combating The Scourge Of Terrorism Whilst Balancing Civil Rights And National Security
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
20 Jan 2016: The Year 2015 Was The Annus Horribilis For The Way The Terrorism Plagued The World Without Remission And With Unabated Violence And Heinous Aggravations….Read More

A Step Closer To Satellite Navigation Self Sufficiency
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
20 Jan 2016: Starting With Simple Map And Compass Systems, Through Land Based Radio Transmitters For Navigation Guidance The State Of The Art In Navigation Assistance Today Is Satellite Based Navigation Systems….Read More

Helicopters In Counter–Terrorism And Counter-Insurgency Operations
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
15 Jan 2016: The Decision To Utilise The Aerial Platforms, Especially The Helicopter, During Pathankot Operations Is Indicative Of A Distinct Change In The Employment Of Such A Potent Aerial Asset…Read More

Analysing The Recent Dprk’s Nuclear Test And China’s Possible Role
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 Jan 2016: On January 6, 2016 The Ctbto Monitoring Stations Picked An Unusual Seismic Activity Near The Dprk’s Nuclear Test Site….Read More

China’s Blue Book On India 2015
Ms Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
06 Jan 2016: On 28 December 2015, Yunnan University And The Social Science Literature Publications Jointly Released The Second ‘India Blue Book 2015’ In Kunming….Read More

Ties Between Iran And Saudi Arabia: A Cold War Or A Proxy War Of Narratives, Influence And Power
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
05 Jan 2016: In The Most Recent Diplomatic Development In The Middle Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia Has Severed All Diplomatic Ties With Iran. This Was In Response To The Attack On Its Embassy…Read Morea


Pakistan Tests Shaheen-3 And Shaheen-1a Missiles
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd.), Senior Fellow, Caps
25 Feb 2016: Shaheen-3 Is An Improved Version Of The 1500 Km Shaheen-2 And Can Cover Entire India. It Is The Longest Range Missile In Pakistan’s Inventory….Read More

A Few Green Shots For India’s Domestic Armaments Industry
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
25 Feb 2016: Over The Next Few Months The Lca Is Expected To Complete Its Weapon Integration And Aesa Radar Integration And Trials And Move Towards Gaining Foc….Read More

Djibouti – China’s Gateway To Indian Ocean
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
24 Feb 2016: While The Entire World Was Busy Discussing Implications Of The Chinese String Of Pearls Strategy, The Recent Disclosure That The Pla Navy Is Planning To Set Up A Base In Djibouti Has Come As A Big Surprise….Read More

Fbi-Apple Standoff: Can A Tradeoff Between National Security And Personal Privacy Possible?
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
23 Feb 2016: On February 04, 2016, The Apple Headquarter In Cupertino, California Received A Request From Fbi…Read More

Ancient Silk Road Revival And The Possibility Of Stability
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
23 Feb 2016: On February 15, 2016, The First Train Connecting China And Iran Arrived In Tehran, Covering A Distance Of 9500 Km – Passing Through Kazakhstan And Turkmenistan In Fourteen Days…Read More

Assessing The Efficacy Of State Subsidies In Tibet Autonomous Region
Ms Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, Caps
19 Feb 2016: Beijing’s Economic Development Policy Towards Tibet Entailed State Subsidies Since The 1950s To An Extent That It Has Rendered Tibetan Autonomous Region (Tar) Economy…Read More

Revoking Sanctions Against Iran: Anticipating Opportunities For India’s Energy Security
Mr Ngangom Dhruba Tara Singh, Research Associate, Caps
17 Feb 2016: The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (Jcpoa) Finalized By The P5+1 At Vienna On July 14, 2015, Resulted In The Lifting Of Sanctions Against Iran….Read More

Kerry’s Visit To Moscow: Is There A ‘Real’ Progress In Russia-Us Relations?
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 Feb 2016: Despite The Positive Signalling Taking Place Post-Kerry’s Visit To Moscow, The ‘Doubting Thomases’ In The Academic Community Continue To Negate That There Is ‘Real Progress’ In The Relations Between The Two Countries….Read More

The Prospect Of Taiwan-Tibet Ties Under The New Government Of Dpp
Ms Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, Caps
08 Feb 2016: As Taiwanese Have Mandated Dpp’s Government In The Recent Election Result, Certain Positive Changes On The Taiwan-Tibet Front Are Expected….Read More

Energy At The Helm: Xi’s Visit To Saudi Arabia, Egypt And Iran
Ms Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Feb 2016: China Is Focusing On Infrastructure Development And Improving Connectivity Between China And These Three Countries So As To Secure Its Future Energy Supplies From The Region….Read More

From Road-Mobile To Rail-Mobile Icbms (Df-41): Enhancing Survivability
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
02 Feb 2016: Reports In The Chinese Media Indicate That China’s Rocket Force Is Now Equipped With Rail Mobile Df-41 Icbm….Read More

MARCH 2016

The Nuclear Security Summit-2016: Expectation Vs Reality!
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 Mar 2016: The Nuclear Security Summits Have Not Only Raised The Profile Of Nuclear Security Issues At A Global Level But Have Started A Thread Of ‘Softer Nuclear Security Issues’ That Have Witnessed A Willful Participation Of Countries, However It Might Retire As A Presidential Legacy…Read More

What Next After The Last Nuclear Security Summit: A Way Forward
Ms Manisha Chaurasiya, Research Associate, Caps
25 Mar 2016: The Aim Of Nss, The Multi-National Initiative Led By Us President Barack Obama, Was To ‘Secure All Vulnerable Nuclear Materials By Building Capacity For Nuclear Security And Promotion Of A Nuclear Security Culture Through Dialogue…Read More

What The United States Expects From The Sixth Generation Fighter Aircraft
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
23 Mar 2016: Northrop Grumman Was Recently In News As It Released A Video On The Conceptual Image Of The Sixth Generation Fighter Aircraft….Read More

India’s Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Membership: Looking Forward To Opportunities In The Caspian Region
Mr Ngangom Dhruba Tara Singh, Research Associate, Caps
22 Mar 2016: India’s Deficit Hydrocarbon Deposits Are A Major Challenge For Its Economic Growth….Read More

Why India Needs To Build Indigenous Cyber Capabilities?
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
17 Mar 2016: The Ongoing Tussle Between Fbi And Apple Could Be Seen As The Starting Point Of Realization Regarding The Wide Gap Existing Between Technology And Legislature….Read More

Understanding Iran’s Elections: Moderates V/S Hardliners
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
16 Mar 2016: On February 26, 2016, The Islamic Republic Of Iran Held Elections To Choose The 10th Consultative Assembly And 5th Assembly Of Experts….Read More

India’s Permanent Membership In Sco: Moving Closer To Its ‘Extended’ Neighbourhood
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
15 Mar 2016: India’s Conduct As A Permanent Member In Sco Will Be Under Critical Observation As The Success Of Promoting Connectivity To Central Asia Will Be Based On Its Influence, Investment, Engagement And Objectives….Read More

China’s Military Budget In The Current Fiscal
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
14 Mar 2016: The Chinese Government In The Current Fiscal Has Increased Its Budget Allocation Towards The Military By 7.6 Percent That Is To About 954 Billion Yuan Or $146 Billion In Real Terms….Read More

Manufacturing Of Ka-226t Helicopter By Hal – A Make In India Initiative
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
01 Mar 2016: One Of The Significant Announcements During The Visit Of The Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi To Russia On December 23, 2015 Was The Agreement On The Joint Work In Helicopter…Read More

APRIL 2016

More F-16 Fighter Aircraft For Pakistan Air Force
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
30 Apr 2016: In 1983 Usa Supplied Pakistan 40 F-16 Aircraft To Counter The Soviets Who Had Invaded Afghanistan In 1979. Since Then Pakistan Has Been Trying To Procure More F-16 With Varying Degrees Of Success And Pakistan Now Has 76 F-16 In Its Inventory….Read More

Drdo Initiates Development Of New Age Dew Systems
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
30 Apr 2016: India Had Made Forays In The Field Of Directed Energy Technology Towards The End Of 20th Century , When It Initiated Development Of Kilo Ampere Linear Injector (Kali) In The 1990s Followed By A Proposal To Develop Directionally Unrestricted Ray-Gun Array (Durga)….Read More

Saudi Arabia – Shift In Strategic Focus
Ms Poonam Mann, Research Intern, Caps
30 Apr 2016: The Current Direct Engagement In Yemen, Proactive Participation In Syria, Aggressive Posturing To Counter Iran, Bid To Look For New Allies Within The Region, A Foreign Policy That Does Not Kowtow To The Us, Foretells The Shifting Contours Of Saudi Thinking….Read More

Limitation Of Jurisprudence In The Context Of Cyber Space: Is There Severity And Leniency Imbalance In Us And Indian Cyber Laws
Gp Capt Ak Gupta, Senior Fellow Caps
29 Apr 2016: Cyber Legal Jurisprudence Needs To An Evolving Processin Order To Keep It At Pace With The Technology Advances And Severity Of Consequential Effects Of Cybercrimes….Read More

Regulating The Unmanned
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow Caps
29 Apr 2016: On April 21, 2016 Directorate General Civil Aviation (Dgca), Issued A Draft Circular Containing Guidelines For Operating A Civil Unmanned Aircraft System (Uas) In Indian Airspace. It Also Specified The Procedure For Obtaining A Unique Identification Number (Uin) For Such A System….Read More

Isro Takes Greater Strides To Boost Indian Space Capability
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow Caps
29 Apr 2016: India Has Worked Over Several Years To Develop Its Own Satellite Navigation System. Once Fully Operational Such A System Will Give India All The Benefits Of A Satellite Navigation System Over The Indian Landmass And Extending To Up To 1500 Km From India’s Shores And Borders….Read More

How The Foreign Fighters Will Sustain The Islamic State
Mr Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
26 Apr 2016: The Presence Of Foreign Fighters Fighting For A Cause In A Conflict Area Is Not A New Phenomenon. It Has Been A Salient Feature Of Armed Conflict In The Muslim World Since The 1980s….Read More

Energy And Physical Connectivity: Centrepieces Of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s Visit To Iran
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
22 Apr 2016: Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Visited Iran Recently On A Two Day Visit, April 16-17, 2016 Clearly Indicating India’s Focussed Emphasis On Resuming Business With The Regional Powers In The Persian Gulf Region….Read More

Future Shock: Space X And Its Reusable Rocket
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
16 Apr 2016: On 08 April 2016, Elon Musk And His Privately Owned Space Exploration Technologies Demonstrated Precisely What That Entails In Space By Launching A Dragon Cargo Capsule With An Expandable Module…Read More

Nuclear Security: Complacency Unwarranted
Dr Sitakanta Mishra, Assistant Professor Of International Relations, Pdpu, Gandhinagar
13 Apr 2016: The Conclusion Of Four Nss With Some Tangible Initiatives, The Entry Into Force Of The Amendment To The Cppnm With 102 Adherents, And…Read More

Understanding Key Aspects In Iran’s Elections: Phase Ii
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
13 Apr 2016: The Successful Completion Of The First Phase Of The Iranian Election On February 26, 2016 Clearly Indicates The Direction In Which,The Islamic Republic Is Heading….Read More

“Maintaining Nuclear Deterrence & Advancing Nuclear Security Are Separate Goals”: India At The Nss-2016
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 Apr 2016: The Final Nuclear Security Summit (Nss-2016) Concluded On April 01, 2016, With India Announcing Several Contributions To The Nuclear Security Regime….Read More

Space Technology For National Security
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
11 April 2016: The Afternoon Of 13 March 2016 Saw The Successful Insertion Into Its Planned Orbit Of The Satellite, Irnss-1f, By The Thirty Third Consecutive Successful Mission Of The Pslv C-32 The Isro’s Workhorse Pslv Rocket….Read More

Deals With Rosneft: A Step Towards Deepening India-Russia Energy Cooperation
Mr Ngangom Dhruba Tara Singh, Research Associate, Caps
09 April 2016: In March 2016, Indian Consortium Comprising The Oil India Limited (Oil), The Indian Oil Corporation Limited And The Bharat Petroresources Limited (Bprl), Signed Agreements With Rosneft….Read More

Design Improvements In Df-21 (Conventional) Variant: Signalling Deterrence At The Conventional Level
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
07 Apr 2016: Taiwanese News Websites And Chinese Language Media Have Revealed That A New Improvement Has Been Done On The Df-21 Inter-Mediate Range Ballistic Missile (Irbm).

Nuances Of Pm Modi’s Visit To Saudi Arabia
Ms Poonam Mann, Research Intern, Caps
06 Apr 2016: The Latest Capital To Be Touched By Prime Minister Modi In The Long List Of Countries That He Has Travelled To, Is Riyadh….Read More

Discovery Of Gravitational Waves – An Attraction For India
Group Captain Ashok K Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
05 Apr 2016: Gravitational Waves Were Detected On September 14, 2015 By The Detectors Of The Twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (Ligo), Located In Livingston, Louisiana, And Hanford, Washington, Usa….Read More

Defence Procurement Procedure, 2016 And Armed Forces
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
01 Apr 2016: Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar While Inaugurating The Defence Expo 2016 On March 28, 2016 At Naqueri-Quitol, Goa Announced The Amended Defence Procurement Policy (Dpp) 2016….Read More

Brussels Bombings: Identifying Potential Causes
Ms Radhika Halder, Research Associate, Caps
01 Apr 2016: As The World Reels Under The Aftermath Of The Brussels Bombings, There Remain A Few Questions Yet Unanswered And A Few Lessons To Be Learnt…Read More

MAY 2016

India Progresses Development Of Advanced Space Technology
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
30 May 2016: India’s Space Agency, Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), Commenced Working On Developing A Space Launch Capability In The Late 1970s….Read More

Agreements Between Reliance Defence Limited And Ukrainian Firms: Strengthening India-Ukraine Bilateral Relations
Mr Ngangom Dhruba Tara Singh, Research Associate, Caps
25 May 2016: On April 27, 2016 Reliance Defence Limited Signed Agreements With Ukroboronprom And Its Enterprises, Antonov And Spetstechnoexport….Read More

Taliban Is Leaderless Once Again
Mr Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
24 May 2016: Reports Claiming The Death Of The Leader Of The Taliban, Mullah Akhtar Mansoor, Flooded The News On Sunday, May, 22, 2016….Read More

Clearing The Fog Over Iaf Acquisition Of Pilatus Trainer Aircraft
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
21 May 2016: This Article Attempts To Remove The Fog Over The Pilatus Pc-7 Mk2 Basic Trainer Aircraft (Bta) Acquisition By Iaf And Explains The Reality Of The Issues Involved In Selection Of This Aircraft….Read More

India’s Reusable Launch Vehicle: Tempering Jubilation With Sound Reasoning
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
17 May 2016: The News That India’s Isro Plans A Technology Demonstration Of Its Reusable Launch Vehicle (Rlv) On May 25 Is Met With Great Exultation And Celebration….Read More

Df-41: Final Phase Of Testing In Progress, Entering Service Soon
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
16 May 2016: Chinese Online Media Reports That The Testing Phase Of The Pla Rocket Force Df-41 Icbm Will Be Completed This Year (2016) And It Will Be Inducted Into Service….Read More

The Pla Rocket Forces: Taking China’s Military Modernisation Another Notch Higher In The Quest For Aerospace Control
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
14 May 2016: Military Modernisation Is A Continuous Process, Best Demonstrated In China’s Military Reorganisation For A Dedicated ‘Rocket Force’ At Par With Their Army, Navy And Air Force….Read More

Perlan-Ii: The Cutting Edge Of Aerospace Technology
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
13 May 2016: Starting From The Earliest Experiments In Russia, Europe And America, Aerospace Technology Has Been Led By Innovation And Visionary Individuals Who Pushed The Knowledge Of Their Times To An Extreme….Read More

Proposed Us Foundational Agreements Between Us And India
Air Marshal Rk Sharma (Retd), Distinguished Fellow, Caps
13 May 2016: The Proposal From The Us Govt For Conclusion Of The Three Foundational Agreements With India Has Been Under Discussion Since At Least 2011….Read More

Decoding Pm Narendra Modi’s Forthcoming Visit To Iran: Opportunities For India
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
10 May 2016: India Has Vital Strategic Interest In Iran, From Sourcing Its Hydrocarbon Requirements Through Its Energy Cooperation To Finalising The Connectivity Issues In Order To Transport The Resources From Iran….Read More

Airborne Renewables: Are We Ready For The Next Revolution?
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
09 May 2016: On April 23, 2016 The Zero–Fuel Solar Plane With Pilot Bertrand Piccard At Its Controls Crossed Pacific Ocean From Hawaii To Moffett Airfield In Mountain View, Silicon Valley, South Of San Francisco Following A 62 Hour, Non-Stop Flight….Read More

Zircon: The Russian Hypersonic Cruise Missile
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
02 May 2016: The Russian Navy Has Ambitious Plans For Induction Of Zircon Weapon System. Pyotr Velikiy (Peter The Great) And Admiral Nakhimov, Both 24,500 Tons Heavy Nuclear Powered Kirov Class Guided Missile Cruisers Will Be The First Warships In The World To Be Armed With Zircon Hypersonic Missile During Their Refits/Modernization Planned Between 2018 And 2022….Read More

JUNE 2016

National Civil Aviation Policy 2016: A Helicopter Perspective
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
30 June 2016: On June 15, 2016 The National Civil Aviation Policy 2016 (Ncap -2016) Was Released By Minister Of Civil Aviation Shri P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju. The Primary Aim Is To Provide Necessary Stimulus To The Indian Aviation Sector And The Economy…Read More

Sectarianism: A Blemish On Iran-Bahrain Relations
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
24 June 2016: Iran Had Been Accused Of Promoting Sectarianism In The Region Vis-À-Vis Bahrain—Which Has A Majority Shi’a Population And Sunni Government In Power At Present….Read More

India’s 20 Satellite Launch: Using The Window Of Opportunity While It Lasts
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
22 June 2016: On The 22 June 2016, Isro Using The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle Pslv-C34 Launched 20 Satellites In A Single Mission Thereby Improving On Its Previous Record Of Launching 10 Satellites Together In April 2008….Read More

India’s Nsg Bid: Tracking International Support
Ms Manisha Chaurasiya, Research Associate, Caps
18 June 2016: Lately, The Nuclear Supplier’s Group (Nsg) Has Taken Up The Indian Bid Of Membership Into Consideration. Though The Results Of A Typical ‘Inter-Club Discussion’ Would Arrive Not Before The Annual Plenary…Read More

Putting Palmyra Into Perspective
Mr Jai Raina, Research Intern, Caps
16 June 2016: March Of This Year Marked The Six-Year Anniversary Of The Syrian Civil War, And In All Likelihood We Will Witness A Seventh As Well. The Conflict In Syria Has Grown More And More Complex Over Time,…Read More

India Plans To Export Brahmos Missile To Vietnam
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
15 June 2016: The Indian Defence Minister, Manohar Parikkar, During His Two Day Visit To Vietnam, On June 5, 2016, Discussed The Sale Of Brahmos Cruise Missile With His Vietnamese Counterpart General Ngo Xuan Lich….Read More

Shangri-La Dialogue (2016) – Another Attempt To Find Solution
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
13 June 2016: The 15th Asia Security Summit: Shangri-La Dialogue (Sld) Was Held From 03 To 05 June 2016 In Singapore. The Meet Is Organised Annually By The Singapore Government And The London Based Independent Think Tank…Read More

Outer Space And Climate Change: India’s Leading Role In Fostering Sustainable Development Across The World
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
08 June 2016: On The 3rd Of June 2016, For The First Time, Under The Impetus Of The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) And The French Space Agency (Cnes), Space Agencies Of More Than 60 Countries Agreed To Engage Their Satellites, To Coordinate Their Methods And Their Data To Monitor Climate Change….Read More

JULY 2016

China-Pakistan Nexus Jf-17 Fighter Aircraft Troops In, But Where Is The Thunder
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
31 July 2016: The Pakistan Air Force (Paf) Is Rapidly Moving On The Path To Replace Its Old Fighter Aircraft – A-5, F-7, And Mirage-3/5 – With New Jf-17 Thunder Fighter Aircraft Jointly Developed…Read More

The Weekend Military Coup Attempt In Turkey: Understanding The Causes And Implications
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
30 July 2016: Military Coup Is Not A New Phenomenon In Turkey As For The Fifth Time, A Coup Against The Civilian Leadership Was Attempted In Turkey On 15 July 2016 By Members Of The Armed Forces….Read More

Mr-Sam Test: A Much Awaited Boost For India’s Air Defence Capability
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
30 July 2016: Replying To A Query In Rajya Sabha On July 26, 2016 Regarding The Upgradation Of Barak Missile System, Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar Gave The Status Report Of Two Similar Systems…Read More

Progress Of India’s Domestic Military Industry Promising
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
25 July 2016: Over The Past Two Months Or So There Have Been Several Reports In The Media About Successes Having Been Achieved By India’s Military Industry. The Indigenously Designed And Built Light Combat Aircraft (Lca)…Read More

‘Pokémon Go’ Mania: An Inflection Point For Augmented Reality?
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
22 July 2016: In Cyberspace, The Virtual, Augmented And Mixed Reality Has Penetrated So Deeply Into The Reality That The Pursuit Of Its Pure Aspect, Free From Any Form Of Foreign And Man-Made Influence Is Often Resembles The Search For The Proverbial Needle In The Haystack….Read More

Ruling On The South China Sea: Will China Abide By The Rule Of Law?
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
15 July 2016: The Permanent Court Of Arbitration In The Hague Recently Gave Its Ruling On The Case Brought To It By The Government Of The Philippines Which Challenged China’s Historical Claims To The South China Sea….Read More

Pakistan Navy’s Emerging Underwater Threat
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
08 July 2016: Pakistan Navy’s Concept Of Operation Against India Has Always Been Centred On Employment Of Its Forces For ‘Sea Denial’….Read More


Pakistan’s Chinese Awacs Zdk-03 Karakoram Eagle
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
31 August 2016: In The Last Ten Years Pakistan Air Force (Paf) Has Made A Quantum Jump In Enhancing Its Early Warning Network With The Induction Of Chinese Zdk-03 Karakoram Eagle Awacs Aircraft And The Swedish Saab-2000 Aew&C Aircraft….Read More

Bavar-373: Boosting Iranian Air Defence
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
30 August 2016: Bavar-373 Is A Long-Range Mobile Air Defence System Which Has Been Designed And Constructed By Defence Ministry Scientists And Experts In Cooperation With Country’s Khatam-Al-Anbia Air Defence Base….Read More

India’s Scram Jet Test And Implications For Future Space Transportation
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
29 August 2016: On August 28 At Around 1800 Hrs, An Atv Sounding Rocket With A Solid Booster Carrying Advanced Scramjet Engines, Was Successfully Flight-Tested From The Launch Pad Of The Sathish Dhawan Space Centre…Read More

Advanced Landing Ground (Alg) In India’s Eastern Sector: Further Enhancing Defence Against China
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow
26 August 2016: Last Week India’s Union Minister Of State For Home, Mr Kiren Rijiju, Formally Inaugurated The Alg In Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh; In The Presence Of The Air Officer Commanding-In-Chief, Eastern Air Command, Air Marshal C Hari Kumar….Read More

Russia-Ukraine Tensions Over Crimea- Once Again
Mr Trivun Sharma
19 August 2016: Since February 2014, Russia Has Control Over The Crimean Peninsula And Has Maintained A Heavy Military Presence In The Region. However, The 10 August 2016 Incident In Crimea Not Only Brought The Issue Back In The Limelight, …Read More

Dismissal Of Lawsuit Against Twitter Over Isis Rhetoric: A Moot Point For Cyber Jurisprudence
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
18 August 2016: In A Lawsuit Filed In U.S. District Court For The Northern District Of California, Twitter Was Alleged For Knowingly Permitting The Isis To Use Its Social Network…Read More

The Pca Verdict And Its Implications
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
12 August 2016: The Philippines And China Have Beenlongengaged In Maritime Boundary And Sovereignty Issues In The South China Sea. The Issues Behind This Dispute Relate To…Read More

An Unpredictable And Unreliable Neighbour – Is Turkey Russia’s Pakistan?
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
09 August 2016: Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan Is Scheduled To Meet Russian President Vladimir Putin At St. Petersburg On 9 August 2016….Read More

China’s Sea Based Deterrence: Still Evolving
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
08 August 2016: A New Visual Of A Chinese Ssbn Suggests That China Has Come Out With A New Variant Of The Type 094.The Type 094 Is Currently China’s Only Ssbn…Read More

China Unveils Ag600: Causes Another Ripple
Group Captain Ashok K Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
01 August 2016: On July 23, 2016, China Rolled Out Its Amphibious Aircraft Ag600, From Its Production Line In Zhuhai In The Guangdong Province….Read More


Russia-Pakistan ‘Friendship’ Joint Military Exercise 2016: Should India Be Concerned?
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
28 September 2016: Russia And Pakistan Are Conducting Its First Ever Joint Military Drills For Counter Terrorism And Drug Trafficking Called ‘Friendship 2016’ From 24 September-07 October 2016…Read More

Uk’s Hinkley Point C: More Than Just A Nuclear Renaissance
Mr Gideon Kharmalki, Research Associate, Caps
27 September 2016: After More Than Twenty Years, The United Kingdom (Uk) Will Be Setting Up A New Nuclear Power Plant In Somerset, With Chinese Help….Read More

Dealing With Pakistan: India’s Response To Uri Attack
Dr Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, Caps
27 September 2016: The Uri Attack Has Generated Tremendous Anger Within India And The Much Expected Unanimous Opinion In India Is That India Cannot Let This Go And It Needs To Respond To Pakistan’s Acts Of Terror On The Indian Soil….Read More

Cold War-Style ‘Cyber Arms Race’ Between Us And Russia: Reality Or Rhetoric?
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
26 September 2016: The‘2016 Democratic National Committee (Dnc) Email Leak’ Shook The Very Foundation Of Us Representative Democracy….Read More

Us-Iran Bonhomie: Not Now!
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
23 September 2016: In The Immediate Aftermath Of The P5+1, An Immediate Sense Of Jubilation About Us-Iran Rapprochement Made Many Experts Suggest The Beginning Of A New Era In The Us-Iran Relations….Read More

Nuclear Terrorism And India’s Efforts At Addressing The Threat
Ms Rukmini Sanyal, Research Intern, Caps
22 September 2016: The Threat Of Nuclear Terrorism Is Not Insignificant In Today’s Times. Isis Claims To Have Already Developed Dirty Bombs…Read More

Isro Moves To Add To India’s Launch Capabilities
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
12 September 2016: On 08 Sep 2016, Isro Successfully Carried Out The Tenth Gslv Launch Lifting The Insat-3dr Satellite Weighing 2,211 Kg Into Gto….Read More

How Far Can Isis Go In Afghanistan?
Ms Radhika Halder, Research Associate, Caps
12 September 2016: During His Recent Visit To New Delhi, Former President Of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai Conveyed An Important Message Regarding The Presence Of The Islamic State (Is) In The Country….Read More

Quetta Attack And Beyond: How Effective Is Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy?
Ms Shreya Talwar, Research Associate, Caps
09 September 2016: The Suicide Bombing Outside A Government Hospital On August 8, 2016 In Quetta That Killed Over 71 People And Injured Several Others Was Yet Another Terrible Attack On The Pakistani Government And Its Institutions….Read More

China’s J-20 Stealth Aircraft Lands In Tibet Prefecture: So What?
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
08 September 2016: A Few Days Ago Indian Media Reported That China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Aircraft Was Seen At Daocheng Yading Airport In Garze, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture In Sichuan Province….Read More

Beyond Lemoa: Leveraging Technology Transfer Through Bilateral Agreements
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
07 September 2016: A Logistic Support Agreement Called The Logistics Exchange Memorandum Of Agreement (Lemoa) Was Signed Between India And The United States (Us) On August 29, 2016….Read More

Death Of Abu Mohammad Al Adnani: How Does It Augur For The Is?
Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
05 September 2016:The End Of August Marked Great Success For The Coalition Forces Fighting The Islamic State (Is), As On August 30, 2016, The News Of The Death Of Abu Mohammad Al Adnani Was Released By Various Is Held Media Groups….Read More



Pakistan’s Miniscule Nuclear Power Programme
Mr Gideon Kharmalki, Research Associate, Caps
31 October 2016: In Mid-October, The Connection Of A New Nuclear Reactor – Chashma-3 To The Electricity Grid, Brought Pakistan’s Atomic Power Generation Capacity To 1065 Mega Watt Electric (Mwe)….Read More

Isro Goes From Strength To Strength
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
31 October 2016: Isro Will Continue Its Dedicated And Focussed Efforts To Achieve Success In Its Technology Development Effort And Improve The Country’s Space Capabilities Over Time….Read More

Philippines’ Search For Manoeuvering Space
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
28 October 2016: On October 18, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Visited China To Build Political Trust And Handle The Differences. In Fact, China Is The First Non-Asean Country Visited By Him After Taking Office In June This Year….Read More

India And Central Asia – Finding A Way To One-Another
Dr. Poonam Mann, Research Associate, Caps
26 October 2016: The Absence Of Physical Access Has Always Been A Major Stumbling Block In India-Central Asia Relations. Complicated India-Pakistan Relations Have Further Dissuaded India’s Reach Into The Region….Read More

The Mayhem In Mosul: Political Intersts And The Battle Against Isis
Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
26 October 2016: In What Has Been Called The Biggest Battle Against The Islamic State (Is), The Combined Forces Of The Iraqi Military (Backed By American Guidance And Support), And The Kurdish Peshmerga Launched A Massive Attack On The Is Controlled City Of Mosul On October 17 2016….Read More

Us-Russia Nuclear Security: Moving Towards Insecurity?
Ms Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
25 October 2016: While The Nuclear Agenda For The Us In The Eight Years Has Been Reducing Nuclear Dangers, The Abrupt Change In Approach Towards The Plutonium Reduction Agreement, As Opposed To What Is Specified In The Agreement Was Bound To Invite Opposition From Russia….Read More

The 17th India-Russia Annual Summit 2016: Strengthening Bilateral Ties Amidst Anxiety
Ms Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
25 October 2016: Goa- The New Russian Tourist Destination Became An Appropriate Venue For The 17th Annual Bilateral Summit 2016 Between India And Russia. Continuing With The Tradition, On 15 October 2016, The Two Time-Tested Partners Signed A Total Of 16 Agreements At The 17th Annual Bilateral Summit….Read More

The Growl Of The ‘Growler’: ‘Triumf’ For The Iaf
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
24 October 2016: Russian President Vladmir Putin’s Recent Visit To India Led To India Signing Some Major Defence Deals Which Included The Supply Of Five Battalions Of Russian S-400 Long Range Surface To Air Missiles (Lr-Sam) At A Cost Of $5.5 Billion….Read More

‘Yahoo!’ Fiasco – A Sinking Vessel Needs No Navigation
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
23 October 2016: Yahoo! – Once Considered As An Internet Giant Is Now Struggling For Its Existence….The Downfall And Demise Of Yahoo, If It Happens In The Future, Would Be The First Biggest Of Such Event In The Short History Internet….Read More

Chinese Navy Courts Myanmar For Its New Mission
Dr Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
21 October 2016: To Realise The Chinese Dream And The Dream Of A Strong Military, China Has Enhanced Its Naval Presence In The South China Sea And Indian Ocean Through Anti-Piracy Operations And Port Calls….Read More

Taking The Lead In Quantum Technology: China’s Quantum Communication Satellite
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Non-Resident Associate Fellow, Caps
20 October 2016: China Had Recently Launched The World’s First Quantum Communication Satellite Named Mozi That Would Help In Transfer Of Highly Classified Data….Read More

China’s Multilateralism Push In The Midst Of A Rising Protectionism
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
19 September 2016: Last Week China’s September 2016 Exports Data Was Released Which Showed That There Was A Decline In Its Exports In Comparison To The Preceding Year As Well As The Preceding Month….Read More

Asgardia: The New Space Nation – Examining The Legal, Economical And Technological Sense In The Proposal
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
18 October 2016: On 12 Oct 2016, Russian Scientist Igor Ashurbeyli, Project Team Leader And Founder Of Asgardia Announced The Birth Of A New Space Nation Asgardiain Outer Space…Read More

Why Preventing “Tech-Drain” Of Aerospace Technologies Makes Military Sense
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
18 October 2016: On November 05, 2015 The President Shri Pranab Mukherjee And Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Had Launched The Imprint Initiative….Read More

U.S. Concedes The Control Of Icann: Will It Bolster The Transparency And Accountability Of Icann Decisions?
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
13 October 2016: The U.S., Being At The Helm Of The Development And Evolution Of Internet Technology And Applications, Has Used Its Clout To Shape The Internet Ecosystem To Favour U.S. Interests Over Other Considerations….Read More

Delhi High Court Ruling On Whatsapp’s Privacy Policy – An Attempt To Bell The Cat
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
06 October 2016: Whatsapp – The Most Widely Used Mobile Based Messaging Application Has Recently Announced A Change In Its Privacy Policy…Read More

Iran’s Opec Ordeal: What Will It Be?
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
05 October 2016: Longstanding Tensions Between West Asian Rival Nations Saudi Arabia And Iran Have Once Again Acted As The Stumbling Block In The Recent Informal Meeting Of Organisation Of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) Talks Held On September 26, 2016…Read More

Understanding Augmented Reality (Ar) Game And Its Implications On Security
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, Department Of Communication Studies, Jagannath International Management School
03 Oct 2016: Amongst The Plethora Of Essential Roles Of Media Like Informing, Mobilising, Educating, Etc., One Important Role Is That Of The ‘Entertainment’….Read More


President Park Geun-Hye’s “Trustpolitik” And Regional Cooperation In Doldrums
Dr. Preeti Nalwa, Honorary Research Associate, Caps
30 November 2016: The South Korean President Park Geun-Hye Had Assumed Office On 25 February 2013 With The Promise Of Improving Inter-Korean Relationship…Read More

China’s New Cybersecurity Law: A Reactionary Solution Or Progressive Consolidation
Gp Capt Ashish Kumar Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
30 November 2016: On November 7, 2016 The Standing Committee Of China’s National People’s Congress (“Npc”) Passed China’s First Cybersecurity Law, Which Will Come Into Force From 01 June 2017 Onwards….Read More

Malaysia As A ‘Major Partner’ In The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
29 November 2016: Since The Establishment Of Formal Diplomatic Relations In 1974, China-Malaysia Relations Have Gradually Deepened Over The Years In Many Sectors. By The Second Decade Of The 21st Century…Read More

Plaaf: Increasing Presence Beyond The First Island Chain
Mr Arjun Subramanian P
29 November 2016: The Plaaf Had Recently Deployed More Than Forty Different Aircraft To The Western Pacific As A Show Of Force….Read More

India’s Civil Nuclear Power Programme: A Glimpse Into The Future
Mr Gideon Kharmalki, Research Associate, Caps
22 November 2016: Civil Nuclear Energy Has Always Been An Important Facet To India’s Energy Basket. Over The Last Ten Years, There Has Been A Drastic Expansion In India’s Civil Nuclear Power Programme…Read More

‘Nuclear’ India And Npt ‘Purist’ Japan Meet Halfway
Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Senior Fellow, Caps
17 November 2016: In May 1998 When India Conducted Nuclear Tests, Its Relationship With Japan Took The Biggest Hit. A Staunch Npt Loyalist Vehemently Opposed To Nuclear Proliferation…Read More

U.S. Elections And Japan’s National Security
Dr Preeti Nalwa, Honorary Research Associate, Caps
05 November 2016: The Outcome Of The Impending U.S. Presidential Election On 8 November 2016 Holds Considerable Significance For Japan’s National Security….Read More

China’s Claim Of Developing “Quantum Radar” For Detecting Stealth Planes: Beyond Scepticism
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
02 November 2016: In The Recent Times, The Scientific Community Is Abuzz With Palpable Excitement About The Prospect Of Harnessing Quantum Phenomena For Dramatically Improving The Qualitative And Quantitative Performance Of A Wide Variety Of Classical Information Processing Devices….Read More


Blurring Lines: Cyber And Kinetic Military Operations
Mr Arjun Subramanian P
29 December 2016: A Recent Revelation By A Us Based Cyber Security Company Crowd Strike On The Russian Military Hacker Unit’s Exploit Of An Android Application To Track The Ukrainian Field Artillery Units…Read More

Is Textron Inc. Assisting The Chinese Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Ruav) Programme?
Wg Cdr Bs Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
23 December 2016: On The Sidelines Of The Zhuhai Airshow On November 1, 2016 A Framework Agreement Was Announced By Bell Helicopters With The Chinese Shaanxi Aviation Industry Development Company Limited (Saidc)…Read More

Trump, Taiwan, Twitter And Time
Gp Capt S Misra, Senior Fellow, Caps
22 December 2016: Us President-Elect Donald Trump Was Named By Time Magazine On December 07, 2016 As Its ‘Person Of The Year’….Read More

Heart Of Asia 2016: A Step Forward?
Shreya Talwar, Research Associate, Caps
16 December 2016: The Sixth Ministerial Conference Of Heart Of Asia – Istanbul Process (Hoa-Ip) Was Held In Amritsar On 4-5th December 2016. Essentially, The Aim Of This Conference Was To Find Long-Term Durable Solutions That Have A Stabilizing Effect On Afghanistan….Read More

An End To Vietnam’s Nuclear Energy Program ?
Pooja Bhatt, Research Associate, Caps
13 December 2016: On 22 November 2016, The Vietnam National Assembly Announced Its Decision To Shut Down Its Planned Nuclear Power Program Citing Its Current ‘Economic And Environmental’concerns….Read More

Assessing The New Leadership In Uzbekistan
Dr Poonam Mann, Research Associate, Caps
09 December 2016: On 4th December, People Of Uzbekistan Elected Their New President-Shavkat Mirziyaev. His Victory Was Widely Expected Since He Took Over As Interim Leader Of The Country In Early September…Read More

China’s Tough Stance On Armed Conflicts In Northern Myanmar
Dr. Puyam Rakesh Singh, Research Associate, Caps
07 December 2016: China Is Willing To Play An Important Role In The Myanmar Peace Process, The Kio’s Invitation To The Us To Take Part In The Peace Process Was Not Well Received In Beijing….Read More

Rustom-Ii First Flight Should Spur Faster Finalisation Of Drone Regulations
Gp Capt Rk Narang, Senior Fellow, Caps
06 December 2016: India’s Indigenously Developed Tactical Airborne Platform For Surveillance-Beyond Horizon-201 Male Uav Took Off For Its First Test Flight On November 16, 2016….Read More