Sri Lanka Presidential Elections 2015: An Overview
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 Jan 2015: The Astounding Victory Of The Maithripala Sirisena Has Not Only Stunned Rajapaksa, But Also The International Community. Political Discourses Are Brimming ….Read More

The Emerging Prominence Of China In Outer Space
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
30 Jan 2015: China Became The Third Nation In The World After United States And Russia To Independently Launch A Manned Spacecraft ‘Shenzhou-5’ Aboard A Long March Series Of Rocket On October 15, 2003…Read More

Russia Ukraine Crisis: The Chinese Cooperation Dilemma
Gp Capt M Bandopadhyay, Senior Fellow, Caps
29 Jan 2015: The Issue Of The Russian Spat With The West Over Ukraine Is Not Necessarily Limited To The Three Entities So Named. The Other Player It May Have Affected Is China…Read More

Strengthening China’s Air Defence Capability: S-400 Sam System
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
28 Jan 2015:Recent Media Reports State That China Has Finally Signed The 3 Billion Dollar Contract With Russia For The Supply Of S-400 Triumf Surface To Air Missile (Sam) System…Read More

J-15 And Catobar: Pointer To China’s Naval Ambition
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
19 Jan 2015: Recently, The Online Media Was Abuzz With Reports On An Image Of A New Variant Of J-15 Fighter, Alleged To Be The Re-Engineered Version Of Su-33…Read More

Stealth Fighter: Challenges For Indian Air Force
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
16 Jan 2015: In November 2014 China Showcased Its New Stealth Fighter, J-31, At The Zhuhai Air Show In Guangdong Province….Read More

How Global Is The Global War On Terror?
Ankit Kumar, Research Associate , Caps
15 Jan 2015: The United States Government Led By President George W. Bush And His Advisors Launched The Global War On Terror (Gwot) Campaign After….Read More

China’s Extended Ties With Nepal
Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
15 Jan 2015: The Year 2014 Ended On A Positive Note For Chinese Diplomacy. Foreign Minister Of The Peoples Republic Of China, Wang Yi …Read More

Make In India: A New Hope For India’s Aviation Industry
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
13 Jan 2015: Aviation In India In The Modern Era Commenced Within A Decade Of The First Flight By The Wright Brothers’ Flyer-1 At Kitty Hawk …Read More

Target Inc Ruling: An Inflection Point For Cyber Vigilance
Wg Cdr Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
08 Jan 2015: The Financial Institutions And Banking Industry Stand At The Cusp Of Changes That Are Transforming The Way They Function In Cyber Space…(Read More)

Blocking 32 Websites In India – Rationalising The Bigger Picture
E. Dilipraj, Research Associate, Caps
08 Jan 2015: The Department Of Telecommunications (Dot), Under The Ministry Of Communications And Information Technology Recently Ordered Temporary Take Down Of 32 Websites In India…(Read More)

Prospects For Indian Space Technology
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
07 Jan 2015: Isro Has Notable Achievements To Its Credit In 2014. These Include The Mars Orbiter Mission (Mom) And The Successful Tests Of The Indigenous Cryogenic Engine And…(Read More)

The 15th Indo – Russia Annual Summit: Uninfluenced By Nay-Sayers
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
02 Jan 2015: The Denouement Of The 15th Annual Summit Between India And Russia Once Again Reflected The Credence And Synergy Between The Two Time-Tested Strategic Partners…(Read More)


Gemalto Sim Card Heist – How Vulnerable Are The Indian Mobile Phone
Subscribers? E. Dilipraj, Associate Fellow , Caps
27 Feb 2015: Edward Snowden, The Whistleblower, Has Once Again Shocked The Cyber Community With His Recent Revelations About The Heist Of Encryption Keys Belonging To Gemalto, A Digital Security Company…Read More

Electromagnetic Railgun: From Fiction To Reality
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow , Caps
26 Feb 2015: The Electromagnetic (Em) Railgun, Developed By The United States Office Of Naval Research (Onr) With Bae Systems, Was Recently Put On Display To The Public For The First Time…Read More

Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial System
Captain Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow ,
Caps25 Feb 2015: Indian Navy Has Recently Made A ‘Request For Information’ (Rfi) To Global Vendors For Procurement Of 50 Naval Ship Borne Unmanned Aerial System…Read More

Promoting Nuclear Disarmament Through The $ 1 Trillion Nuclear Budget
Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow , Caps
24 Feb 2015: President Obama’s Proposal For A Trillion-Dollar Refurbishment Of The Country’s Nuclear Arsenal Has Greatly Upset The Disarmament Supporters…Read More

Paid News: A Curse On News Journalism
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
21 Feb 2015: The Concept Of “Paid News” Is Not New To The Media Or Society. The Ailment Has Been Quite Long-Standing, Complicated And Deep-Seated In The Prevailing Structure…Read More

Challenges For Xinjiang: Post U.S.-Nato Drawdown From Afghanistan
Uday Deshwal, Research Associate, Caps
20 Feb 2015: The Past Few Days Have Seen Various Conflicting Reports In The Global Media About The Purported Increase In The Presence Of The Islamic State In Afghanistan…Read More

The Peril Of China’s Renewed Drive To Urbanize Tibet
Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, Caps
18 Feb 2015: The Announcement Was Made On China’s Decision To Increase The Permanent Urban Population Of Tibet By 30% In Next…Read More

Digital Terrorism: Choreographing The Terror
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
16 Feb 2014: With The Boom Of Internet Users In The 21st Century, One Of The Alarming Trends Is The Emergence Of ‘Digital Terrorism.’…Read More

China Unveils New Supersonic Cruise Missile
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
10 Feb 2015: Among The Many Missiles Displayed At The Zhuhai Air Show In November 2014, China Unveiled Its New Supersonic Cruise Missile, Chaoxun-1 (Cx-1), For The First Time…Read More

Agni V: Incremental Capability Addition
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
10 Feb 2015: The Recent Successful Test Firing Of The Canisterised Agni V Was A Significant Milestone In India’s Long Range Nuclear Strike Capability…Read More

De-Dollarisation, De-Offshorisation And Diversification – The 3ds Of Russia’s Economic Revival Programmes
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate , Caps
09 Feb 2015: The Contemporary International Milieu Has Put To Test Russia’s Economic Endurance. Uncompromising Sanctions By The West Are Putting Pressure On Moscow To Disengage Itself From Ukraine…Read More

Geo-Politics, Geo-Economis & Aerospace Power: The New Form Lines Changing The Face Of India’s Aerospace Industry
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow , Caps
09 Feb 2015: The Terms Geopolitics, Geoeconomics And Aerospace Power Are Extraordinarily Important, As Also Wide In Their Significance And Impact For National Growth At Present And In The Future…Read More

Oil Politics: Opportunities And Challenges For India
Wg Cdr Rk Narang, Research Fellow , Caps
09 Feb 2015: The Rise Of Islamic State In Iraq And Syria Has Received More Attention Than Any Other Event In The Last One Year Or So…Read More

South Korea’s Long Range Missile Capability: Its Implications
Debalina Ghoshal, Associate Fellow, Caps
09 Feb 2015: In April 2014,Reports Confirmed That South Korea Has Test-Fired A 500kms Range Ballistic Missile…Read More

Japan’s Permanent Sdf Deployment Law: A Game Changer?
Prerna Gandhi, Research Associate, Caps
03 Feb 2015: The Isis Hostage Crisis Of Two Japanese Citizens (And Apparent Death Of Both) Has Given New Thrust To Shinzoabe’s Agenda Of Bolstering The Security Capabilities Of Japan…Read More

MARCH 2015

Hybrid Warfare: Re-Innovating The Concept
E. Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 Mar 2015: The Ukraine Crisis Since Late 2013 Has Once Again Given Way For A New Block Politics Between The West And Russia….Read More

Chinese Maternity Tourism In The Us Threat To Us Security Through Migrant Population Imbalance
Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
30 Mar 2015: The Flourishing Business Of ‘Maternity Tourism’ Is A New Found Issue Of Contention Between China And The Usa. The Recent Episode Of Raids…Read More

Ross Ulbricht Conviction: End Of The ‘Silk Road’ Or A New Beginning? Gp. Capt. Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
18 Mar 2015: Silk Road Was One Such Online Black Market For Selling Illegal Drugs. Operated By Ross William Ulbricht With The Pseudonym “Dread Pirate Roberts”…Read More

Optimising Missile Defence Architecture: Distributed Weighted Engagement Scheme (Dwes) In Aegis Sea Based Bmd System
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow , Caps
18 Mar 2015: Defence Against Ballistic Missiles Is Still A Technologically Complex Task Despite Numerous Advancements In Radar And Interceptor Technology…Read More

China’s Crown Jewel Or Achilles Heel: The Tale Of Hong Kong
Prerna Gandhi, Research Associate, Caps
10 Mar 2015: On March 8, 2015 China’s Third Most Powerful Man And Chief Of Standing Committee Of The National People’s Congress (Npcsc) , Zhang Dejiang, Reiterated That China Will Uphold Its August 31, 2014 Decision…Read More

Through The Lens Of New Media
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow , Caps
10 Mar 2015: New Media Can Broadly Be Understood To Include The Use Of New Communication Technologies For Old Or New Purpose….Read More

China’s Economic Ambitions In Asia-Pacific
Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Mar 2015: In The Last Year China Came Up With Several New Economic And Foreign Policy Initiatives. In The Apec Meet Of 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping Applauded…Read More

Indian Aerospace Industry And Progressive Technology Enhancement
Gp.Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
03 Mar 2015: India’s Aircraft Industry Has Been In Operation Since December 1940 When Hindustan Aircraft Ltd. (Hal) Was…Read More

Xi Jinping’s ‘Four Comprehensives’
Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
02 Mar 2015: China’s President Xi Jinping Came To Power In March 2013 And Since Then He Has Been Regarded As A Strong Leader….Read More

Social Media And The Web Of Social Engineering
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
01 Mar 2015: The Existence Of Social Engineering Or Social Manipulation Is As Old As The History Of Communication…Read More

Taking Lanka Along On India’s N-Journey
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
01 Mar 2015: The Recently Concluded India-Sri Lanka Agreement On Cooperation On Peaceful Uses Of Nuclear Energy Was Long-Overdue…Read More

China Acts West
Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
01 Mar 2015: The Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi Had Recently Paid An Official Visit To Three Asian Countries, Namely Pakistan, United Arab (Uae) And Iran….Read More

Opening Stilwell Road: Opportunities And Challenges
Col Gs Puyam, Research Fellow , Caps
01 Mar 2015: The Stilwell Road Also Known As Ledo Road, Connects Assam To Kunming, Capital Of Yunnan Province, China Through Northern Myanmar….Read More

APRIL 2015

Wireless Power Transmission From Space
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
30 April 2015: China Is Considering The Concept Of Placing Solar Panels Spanning An Area Equivalent To A Small Town Aboard…Read More

China’s Oil Bargain In The Us – China Competition?
Trivun Sharma, Research Intern, Caps
30 April 2015: There Is No Denying That The Competition For Strategic Superiority Between Washington And Beijing Is Growing Stronger Day By Day….Read More

No Respite In Myanmar’s Ethnic Conflicts
Col Gs Puyam, Senior Fellow, Caps
26 Apr 2015: The Elusive Peace Is Unlikely To Return Soon In Myanmar As The Latest Myanmar Government Report Of 19 April 2015…Read More

Significance Of Modi’s Forthcoming Visit To China
Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
23 Apr 2015: The Dynamism Of The Sino-Indian Relationship Maybe Defined As An Ambivalent Mixture Of Mutual Rivalry For The Quest …Read More

Manipulation Of Wikipedia For Selling False Dreams: Promotional Tactics Of An Unscrupulous Business School
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
22 Apr 2015: The Power Of Internet Is Being Leveraged By A Number Of Unscrupulous Actors To Spread Misinformation And Distortions With Malafide Intentions….Read More

India’s Aerospace: Reforms And Initiatives To Induce Take-Off
Temjenmeren Ao, Research Associate, Caps
21 Apr 2015: The Aero India 2015 That Concluded In February Did Make Headlines And Many Commentators Called It Both A Major Success And Many Differed Calling It More Of An Event Whose Main Attraction Was The Prime Minister And His ‘Make In India’ Initiative….Read More

China Bailing Out Russia: Sign Of Role Reversal?
Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
15 Apr 2015: Given The Current Geopolitical Situation I.E. The Western Sanctions And Efforts To Politically Isolate Russia On One Hand And Arrest China’s Growing Territorial Ambitions On The Other, Has Only Pushed Both Moscow And Beijing Into Each Other’s Arms…Read More

The Iranian Nuclear Imbroglio: ‘Far From Finished’
Dr Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
12 Apr 2015: The Iran-P5+1 Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, If Culminates In A Final Agreement On 30 June, Would Set A Precedent As The Positive Outcome Of Multilateral Sanctions Imposed On Alleged Nuclear Weapons Programme…Read More

Y-20 Heavy Lift Transport Aircraft: China’s Strategic Boost
Gp. Capt. Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
02 Apr 2015: Amongst The Numerous Wares Displayed At The Zhuhai Air Show, In November 2014, There Was China’s First Strategic Heavy Lift Transport Aircraft, The Y-20. Designed And Built By Xian Aircraft Corporation…Read More

A Step Closer To Operationalising Irnss
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
01 Apr 2015: Since The Advent Of The Space Age In The 1950s And 1960s Mankind Has Progressively Found An Ever Increasing Range Of Practical Applications Of Space Technology And Space Assets…Read More

MAY 2015

Gp Capt PA Patil, Senior Fellow, CAPS
29 May 2015: The United States showcased more than 60 innovations and engineering feats of advanced weapon systems…read more

Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow , CAPS
24 May 2015: New media includes all those platforms that empower a broad range of actors (individuals through nation-states)…read more

Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Research Associate, CAPS
22 May 2015: The recent visit of US Secretary of State, John Kerry to Beijing coincided with the Indian Prime Minister’s state visit to China….read more

Gp.Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow , CAPS
11 May 2015: India’s military forces have been equipped primarily with imported equipment even after India gained independence…read more

Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, CAPS
05 May 2015: On April 15, 2015, the Information Office of China’s State Council released a new white paper on Tibet titled, “Tibet’s Path of Development is Driven by…read more

Captain HPS Sodhi, senior Fellow, CAPS
05 May 2015: Keeping abreast of the latest technologies in the field of maritime warfare has become inescapable for any Navy of the world. Indian Navy too…read more

JUNE 2015

United National Liberation Front Of South West Asia (Unlfw) :
Security Concern
Col G S Puyam, Senior Fellow , Caps
29 June 2015: Nine Insurgent Groups Of North East India Have Come Together To Form A New Unified Militant Outfit Known …Read More

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor And Its Geopolitical Implications
Shreya Talwar, Research Intern, Caps
22 June 2015: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Is A Significant Bilateral Agreement Which Has The Potential To Reconfigure…Read More

Understanding Azm: The Taliban’s 2015 Spring Offensive
Nandita Palrecha, Research Intern, Caps
18 June 2015: The Year 2015 Has Heralded The ‘Transformation Decade’ (2015-2024) In Afghanistan, With The Hope That Emphasis On The Enablement Of Security…Read More

Unmanned Hypersonic Aircraft
Azeem Singh Kahlon, Research Intern Caps
18 June 2015: Hypersonic Weapons And Aircraft Strike Targets Very Quickly, Thus Increasing The Probability Of Hitting Value Targets….Read More

Will A Nuclear Insurance Pool Suffice To Tame India’s Civil Liability For Nuclear Damage Act?
Gideon Kharmalki, Research Intern Caps
18 June 2015: After A Gap Of Forty Years Canada Has Finally Agreed To Ease The Nuclear Fuel Restrictions By Supplying Uranium To India….Read More

Emerging Relationship Between Suu Kyi And Beijing: A Confluence Of Interest
Pawan Amin, Research Intern Caps
18 June 2015: Last Week, Ms. Aung San Suu Kyivisited China On An Invitation By The Communist Party Of China….Read More

Making Sense Of Chinese General’s Visit To The Us
Hamsini Hariharan, Research Intern Caps
17 June 2015: China’s White Paper 2015, Which Has Been Termed As ‘China’s Military Strategy And Issued In May 2015…Read More

Russia – China Nexus In Cyberspace
E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
15 June 2015: On May 08, 2015 Russia And China Inked An Important Agreement In The Field Of Cyber Security…Read More

Massive Us Data Hack: Causes, Consequences And Concerns
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
15 June 2015: On 05 June, U.S. Officials Admitted That A Massive Breach Of U.S. Government Office Of Personnel Management (Opm) Computer Systems…Read More

India-China Code Of Conduct On Border: The ‘Paradigm Shift’ Challenge
Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow , Caps
15 June 2015: The India-China Border Dispute Has Always Been At The Forefront Of Their Bilateral Relationship Despite Strong Signs…Read More

Isro’s Multi-Object Tracking Radar: Potential Applications In Defence
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
14 June 2015: The Isro-Built Indigenous Multi-Object Tracking Radar (Motr) Will Be Tested Shortly During A Pslv Launch…Read More

The Humanitarian Initiative And India
Dr Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
08 June 2015: The 2015 Npt Review Conference Ended Without Approving A Final Document Mainly Due To The Major Differences On Building A Middle East Free Of Nuclear Weapons And…Read More

Deterring China
Ms Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
05 June 2015: China Is Still A Land Power Like Imperial Germany Of The 19th Century, Essentially Trying To Break Through The Bottle Neck….Read More

China’s White Paper On Military Strategy
Capt. Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
05 June 2015: On 26 May 15, Chinese Ministry Of National Defense Released A White Paper On China’s Military Strategy…Read More

India’s Private Sector Enters The Aircraft Industry
Gp.Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow , Caps
01 June 2015: India’s Aircraft Industry Was Started In The Private Sector In 1940. However, Soon Thereafter It Came To Be Nationalised…Read More

China’s Eye In The Sky: Awacs Programme
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow , Caps
01 June 2015: Force Multipliers Have Been Part Of China’s Military Modernisation Efforts. China At Present Has Three Variants Of Airborne…Read More

JULY 2015

Us Eyeing New Generation Solid State Laser Weapons For Strategic Advantage
Gp Capt Prashant Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
29 July 2015: Since Its Invention, Laser Technology Has Made A Big Headway In Support Of Military Operations And Has Evolved …Read More

The Iran Deal: Looking Beyond The ‘Nuclear’
Dr. Stuti Banerjee, Research Fellow, Icwa
28 July 2015: The Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (Jcpoa) Or The Iran Nuclear Deal Was Signed Between The E3/Eu+3…Read More

Will The Iran Nuclear Deal Survive The Litmus Test?
Manisha Chaurasiya, Research Associate , Caps
28 July 2015: ‘Nothing Will Be Agreed To Until Everything Is Agreed To’. These Words Of President Obama In 2013 Were Not Just ..Read More

J-10 Multirole Fighter: Symbol Of China’s Improving Indigenous Fighter Aircraft Development Capability
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow , Caps
23 July 2015: The J-10 Fighter Will Be Replacing The Age Old J-7 And Q5 Fleet Of The Plaaf. It Is A Multi-Role Fighter Capable…Read More

Is “Great Firewall” An Inhibitor Or An Accelerator For Indigenous Innovation And Global Expansion Of Chinese Internet Companies?
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
23 July 2015: The Communist Party Of China, While Being Weary Of Implications Of Unrestricted Online Access To Information To Its Legitimacy, Has Enthusiastically Promoted The Use Of Internet As An Inalienable Part Of Its Quest For Global Hegemony,…Read More

Dragon Wearing The Panda Suit
Zoya Akhter Fathima, Manipal University
22 July 2015: In Today’s World Of Globalization, Media Revolution And Information Overload, Nation States Have Become Very Conscious…Read More

Development Of Counter-Terrorism Measures: India Vis-A-Vis The United States
Bini Mishra, Research Intern, Caps
22 July 2015: Every Nation-State In The World Is Facing A Threat From Terrorism .Due To The Pan-Global Nature Of The Threat…Read More

Here’s Why The Iran Deal Is A Non- Proliferation Winner & What It Means For India
Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
21 July 2015: If Judged Through The Lens Of These Two Caveats, The Recent Nuclear Deal With Iran Appears To Be A Non-Proliferation Winner..Read More

Al-Qaeda Versus The Isis
Wing Commander Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
17 July 2015: All The Think-Tanks And The Mounds Of Literature Across The World Had No Inkling Of The Meteoric Rise Of The Isis And Now That It Exists, There Is Even Little Inkling Of Which Way It Might Go….Read More

The Impact Of Social Media In The Middle East
Alphia George, Manipal University
17 July 2015: Snapchat, Twitter And Instagram Have Seen An Unprecedented Level Of Adoption And Usage Among The Mobile Phone Users…Read More

Negotiations With Iran
Amb Sheel Kant Sharma (Retd), Former Secretary General Saarc
14 July 2015: Although Approaching A Finale After Years Of Negotiations, The Precise Outcome Of Nuclear Talks With Iran In Vienna….Read More

Application Of Social Media By Defence Personnel For Personal Use
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
14 July 2015: Today With The Advancement In Communication Technologies, The Virtual Reality Of Social Media Has Started To Blur…Read More

Crystal-Gazing The Emerging International Economic Order
Pawan Amin, Research Intern Caps
13 July 2015: On 29 June 2015, China Along With 49 Other Countries From Across The World Signed The Articles Of Agreement Of The Aiib…Read More

Prospects For Make In India Improve Further
Gp.Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
09 July 2015: It Has Been Clearly Understood By Most Serious Defence And Security Strategists In India Since 1947 That The Country…Read More

Chabahar – A Strategic Gateway
Capt. Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow , Caps
06 July 2015: On 06 May 2015, India Signed An Important Agreement With Iran, By Entering Into An Mou, In The Field Of Strategic Cooperation…Read More


Isro Validates Cryogenic Engine Technology
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
28 Aug 2015: The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) On August 27, 2015 Successfully Launched Its Twenty Fifth Geostationary Communication Satellite, The Gsat-6…Read More

A New Emerging Russia-China Partnership?
Dr. Temjenmeren Ao, Research Associate, Caps
26 Aug 2015: The Ongoing Joint Russia And China Naval Exercise Is Significant For Two Main Reasons;…Read More

Planning For Defence Procurements
Avm Manmohan Bahadur (Retd), Distinguished Fellow, Caps
17 Aug 2015: Defence Procurements Are Made To Enable The Armed Forces Address Security Threats Facing A Nation…Read More

Military Implications Of China’s Reclamation Drive In South China Sea
Capt.Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow , Caps
14 Aug 2015: Reclaiming Land From The Sea Is A Common Activity Around The World. Almost All Coastal States And Major Cities…Read More

Effective Diplomacy For India
Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 Aug 2015: In India The Citizens Do Not Vote On The Basis Of A Candidate’s Foreign Policy Assurances And Objectives But The Visions…Read More

Why It Is Difficult To Talk To Pakistan?
Dr. Shalini Chawla, Senior Research Fellow, Caps
10 Aug 2015: The Recent Terrorist Attack In Udhampur By Lashkar-E-Taiba, Sponsored By Pakistan, Is Not A New Phenomenon…Read More

India-China Military Space Cooperation
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
06 Aug 2015: The May 2015 Joint Statement Of The Indian Prime Minister And Chinese Premier On Bilateral Cooperation Is A Game Changer. Amongst Other Things, The Apparent Emphasis On Outer Space Cooperation…Read More

From Al Qaeda To Islamic State: What Have We Missed?
Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
05 Aug 2015: If One Were To Look At The American War On Terror Statistically, It Has Been A Success Because There Has Been A Steady Decline…Read More


India Successfully Launches Astrosat: A Multi Wavelength Space Observatory
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
28 Sep 2015: Isro On September 28, 2015 Successfully Launched A Dedicated Scientific Exploration Space Observatory ‘Astrosat’…Read More

Will There Be A Real Shift In Global Internet Governance
E. Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
28 Sep 2015: The Minister Of Communication And Information Technology Of India, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad Has Brought An End To The Long Pending Question…Read More

Recent Flurry Of Activities Related To The Tibet Issue: Major Takeaways
Ms Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, Caps
24 Sep 2015: For The Past Two Months Chinese Central Government’s Deliberations Over The Tibet Issue Have Peaked…Read More

Syria: Could This Be Another Foreign Policy Success For Russia
Mr Trivun Sharma
24 Sep 2015: The Russian Foreign Policy Is Probably In Its Most Interesting Phase Following The Geopolitical Developments Taking Place Both In Ukraine And Syria…Read More

Corporate Sector In Space
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
23 Sep 2015: The Us Government Now Encouraged Private Industry To Develop And Deploy Space Access Technologies For Use By Government Agencies…Read More

U.S. Proposes Economic Sanctions Against China Over Cyber Thefts: Its Effectiveness, Viability And Legitimacy
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
16 Sep 2015: Sanctions – Predominately Economic And Peripherally Political And Military, Constitute An Important Element Of Foreign Policy….Read More

War Fighting Sans Bloodshed
Group Captain Ashok Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
16 Sep 2015: In 1993, The Us Started An Initiative To Study The Effect On The Performance Of Communication, Navigation And Surveillance Systems By Simulated Heating Of The Ionosphere….Read More

Indian Military Histories
Wg Cdr Rk Narang, Research Fellow, Caps
11 Sep 2015: The Vice President Speaking At The Golden Jubilee Commemoration Of India-Pakistan War Of 1965 Described The Event To Be A Befitting Tribute To The Valour And Sacrifice Of Our Soldiers….Read More

Nuclear Security Summit: To Where From Here?
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Assistant Professor, Pdpu
08 Sep 2015: The Concluding Nuclear Security Summit (Nss), Scheduled For March 31–01 April 2016 In Washington D.C., Will Appraise The Balance Sheet Of The Past Summit Initiatives…Read More

A Further Fillip To Indian Space Capability
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
04 Sep 2015: India’s Capabilities In Space Activities Have Come A Long Way From The Days Of Launching Sounding Rockets Imported For The Most Part…Read More

China’s Show Of Peace Or Power?
Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
03 Sep 2015: China Is Celebrating A New Three Day National Holiday-“Commemoration Of Seventieth Anniversary Of Victory Of Chinese People’s Resistance Against Japanese Aggression…Read More

China-Russia Joint Venture: Heavy Lift Helicopter Design And Development
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
02 Sep 2015: China And Russia Have Agreed To Jointly Develop A Heavy Lift Military Helicopter. The Proposed Load Carrying Capacity Of The Chopper Is Between The Z-10a And Mi-26….Read More


The Need For India To Go Slow On The National Space Policy
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
30 Oct 2015: Space Is Omnipresent And Impacts Poverty, Well-Being, Day-To-Day Life, Civil And Military Development In Equal Measure And Is Hence A Precious Finite Commodity Eagerly Coveted By One And All….Read More

China’s Space Launch Facilities
Gp Capt Pa Patil, Senior Fellow, Caps
29 Oct 2015: At Present, China Has Three Operational Satellite Launch Centres At Jiuquan, Taiyuan And Xichang….Read More

Mastering Information, Knowledge And Wisdom Triumvirate In The Wake Of Data Deluge: The Acme Of Alchemic Endeavour
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
28 Oct 2015: In One Of The Study, International Data Corporation (Idc) Research Brought Out That The World’s Digital Information Is Doubling Every Two Years And Will Increase By Ten Folds Between 2013 And 2020…Read More

On China’s 6.9 Percent Growth
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
26 Oct 2015: The Data Released By China’s National Bureau Of Statistics For Its Third Quarter (July-September, 2015), Revealed That China’s Gdp Growth Stood At 6.9 Percent….Read More

China’s Air Power Development Progresses
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Research Fellow, Caps
24 Oct 2015: Peoples Republic Of China (Prc) Has Traditionally Fielded A Large But Mostly Obsolete Air Force In Terms Of Equipment And Operational Philosophy….Read More

European Refugee Crisis: The Rise Of Intolerance
Priyanka Chandra, Research Associate, Caps
23 Oct 2015: In The Past Few Weeks Europe Has Been Faced With A Challenge Of Unprecedented Magnitude. Refugees And Asylum Seekers,…Read More

Analysing The Normal & Peculiar Of The Us-Iran Relationship: Post The Nuclear Deal
Hina Pandey, Associate Fellow, Caps
14 Oct 2015: Landmark Agreements Between Two Former Adversaries Are Typically Symbolic Of The Beginning Of Are Conciliation Period….Read More

China’s Victory Parade Showcases Pla Missile Capabilities
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
07 Oct 2015: China Celebrated The 70th Anniversary Of Its Victory Over Japan In The Second World War With A Grand Military Parade In Beijing On September 3, 2015….Read More

A New Us Maritime Security Strategy For Asia-Pacific
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
06 Oct 2015: The Us Department Of Defence Has Released A Document Called ‘Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy’ Highlighting Their Plans For This Region….Read More

Syrian Crisis: Discord Or Collaboration Between Russia And The Us?
Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
06 Oct 2015: On The 70th United Nations General Assembly Session Held In New York City On September 28, 2015, The Syrian Crisis Made The Headlines….Read More

China’s Military Parade: Symbolism At Its Best
Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
05 Oct 2015: The Asian Century As It Is Popularly Called Is Truly The Era Of Chinese Preponderance In The International Arena….Read More

Towed Airborne Lift Of Naval Systems (Talons): Applying Simple And Cost Effective Technology For Capability Enhancement
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
01 Oct 2015: The Us Darpa Has Successfully Tested A New Technique To Extend The Range Of Isr And Communication Sensors On Board Us Navy Vessels….Read More


Chinese Rmb Part Of The Sdr Valuation Formula
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
30 Nov 2015: The Imf Board Would Be Considering Whether To Include The Chinese Renminbi (Rmb) Into The Imf’s Official Basket Of Reserve Currencies…Read More

Unregulated Proliferation Of Drones In India
Wg Cdr Rk Narang, Research Fellow, Caps
29 Nov 2015: There Are Many Challenges Associated With The Proliferation Of Drones. There Are No Instructions/ Guidelines For Vendors For Procurement And Sale Of Drones As A Result Mini And Small Drones Are Easily Available In Markets…Read More

Us Congressional Delegation’s Visit To Tibet: Beijing’s Hollow Gesture?
Ms Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, Caps
27 Nov 2015: United States Congressional Delegation Of Seven Members Led By Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader Of The House Of Representative, Made A Visit To Tibet On November 12, 2015 Prior To Visiting Beijing….Read More

Freedom Of Navigation Operations In South China Sea – Why Innocent Passage?
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
26 Nov 2015: On October 27, 2015 Uss Lassen, An Arleigh Burke Class Missile Destroyer Equipped With The Aegis Defence System And Tomahawk Missiles, Sailed Past Close To Subi Reef In The South China Sea …Read More

The New America? The New Al Qaeda? And A Few More Questions
Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
21 Nov 2015: Friday The 13th (Of November, 2015) Would Go Down In History As One Of The Most Unfortunate Of Days For The Civilised World….Read More

Virtual Reality Journalism: Changing The Narratives Of News
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, Jaipur National University
20 Nov 2015: The Integration Of Virtual Reality And 3-D (Three-Dimensional) Environments In Journalism Has Opened A New Domain In Journalism….Read More

China Introduces Its Two Child Policy: Why Now?
Ms Shaheli Das, Ph.D Scholar, Delhi University
19 Nov 2015: The Decision Of The Chinese Government To Permit All Couples To Have Two Children May Be Termed As Historic….Read More

The Future Of Cross-Strait Relations
Ms Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
17 Nov 2015: The Recent Chinese-Taiwan Meeting, First In 65 Years, Presents The Case For Relation Building….Read More

China’s Commitment To Bolster Un Peacekeeping Missions: Altruistic Intervention Or Predatory Aggression
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
16 Nov 2015: China’s New Found Interest In Peacekeeping Is Largely Being Viewed As Soft Power Enunciation And Assertion Of Its Growing Economic And Military Might And Its Willingness To Use These In Pursuance And Furtherance Of Its Interest….Read More

‘Leaders’ As ‘Persons’: Analysing Xi Jinping’s Meeting With Ma Ying-Jeou
Ms Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
13 Nov 2015: Chinese President Xi Jinping Successfully Concluded His State Visits To Vietnam, Singapore As Also His ‘Informal’ Meeting With Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou Recently….Read More

Effective Alternatives For Aircraft And Satellite Based Capabilities
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
06 Nov 2015: Hot Air Balloons Have Stayed In Use Especially By Ballooning Enthusiasts And For A Few Advertising Ventures, Hence Their Use Is Not Too Out Of The Ordinary….Read More

Facebook’s Diplomacy: Compassion Or Conspiracy
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Nov 2015: The Rapid Growth Of Facebook Into The Internet World Has Not Been Without Conspiracies….Read More

Df-26: Fresh Insights Based On New High Resolution Imagery
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Nov 2015: This Article Indulges In Some Speculations Centred On The Analysis Of The New Imagery Available On Df-26, Df-21d And Mirved Df-5a Ballistic Missiles….Read More

Constitutional Crisis In Nepal: India’s Involvement And The China Factor
Ms Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
02 Nov 2015: The Political Transition In Nepal Has Once Again Brought India And China Face To Face. The Geopolitical Importance Of The Country Has Been Best Realised…Read More


Yj-18 Ascm Another Leaf From Russian Technology: Reverse Engineered And Improved
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 Dec 2015: China Has Borrowed Another Leaf From Russian Technology To Improve Its Counter-Intervention Strategy….Read More

China’s Anti-Terrorism Act And Its Implication On Chinese Media And Freedom Of Expression
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, School Of Media Studies, Jaipur National University
30 Dec 2015: The Article Is An Attempt To Bring To Light The Chinese Journalism Philosophy And Discuss Those Clauses Of China’s Draft Anti-Terrorism Law, Which Is Expected To Further Hamper The Freedom Of Chinese Press And Freedom Of Expression….Read More

Us – China Cyber Camaraderie: A Step Towards Arms Control Or Confidence Building In Cyber Domain?
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
23 Dec 2015: On December 01, 2015, The Us And China Held Their ‘First Cyber Security Ministerial Dialogue’ In Washington Which Is Being Dubbed As The ‘First Cyber Arms Control Negotiations’ Of The World…Read More

Why Restart Of The Pslv C-29 During Launch Of The Six Singaporean Satellites Is A Big Deal
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
23 Dec 2015: On December 16, 2015, Isro’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (Pslv)-C29 Successfully Launched Six Satellites Of Singapore, Including The 400 Kg Teleos-1,…Read More

Cop 21: The Changed Climate For Indo-Us Cooperation
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
15 Dec 2015: Leaders Of More Than 190 Nations Gathered In Paris To Come To A Possible Agreement On Climate Change Particularly Aimed At Reducing The Green House Emissions….Read More

Syrian Crisis: Too Many Players
Gp Capt Ashok K Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
10 Dec 2015: When War Started In Syria About Four Years Ago, The Term Used Was: ‘Civil War’. It Was A Misnomer In A Way, Because Historically In Almost All Civil Wars There Have Been Only Two Parties…Read More

Siege Damascus: Role Of Syrian Armed Forces In Its Civil War
Gp Capt Tanmay Sharma, Senior Fellow, Caps
09 Dec 2015: The Civil War Raging In Syria For The Last Four Years Has Attained Major Limelight Due To The Large Scale Deaths And Human Rights Violations…Read More

Turkish Roulette
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
08 Dec 2015: On The Morning Of 24 November 2015 At About 09:25 To 09:30 A.M. Local Time A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 Tactical Bomber…Read More

The “Charkha Legacy”: Challenges For Swadeshi Revolution In Defence Sector
Wg Cdr B S Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
07 Dec 2015: The “Make In India” Buzzword Coined For The Need To Give Necessary Impetus To The Indigenisation Efforts, Has Made A Definite Impact On The Prevailing Investment Climate And Industrial Sentiment In The Country….Read More

Shooting Down Of Russian Su-24: Escalation Of Tensions In Syrian Crisis
Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Dec 2015: Syria Has Become A Region For Proxy War As Various Factions And International Actors Have Been Actively Involved Aimed At Promoting Their Interests….Read More

Activist Hackers Vs.Isis: Battling The Proverbial Frankenstein Monster In Cyberspace
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
04 Dec 2015: The War Against Isis Is Fought By Many Nations- At Times In A Wary Collaboration, At Times In An Open Alliance- In Many Forms At Various Locations. The Opening Of Another Front Against Isis In Virtual World, The Cyber Warriors…Read More

Li-Fi Technology:Data Transmission Redefined
Gp Capt Ashok Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
03 Dec 2015: Unlike Wi-Fi, Li-Fi Does Not Interfere With Other Signals: Use On Aircraft And In Other Places Where Interference Is An Issue Would Be A Possibility…Read More