Will Us Gainsay Its Npt Obligations?
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
30 Jan 2014: Contrary To What President Barack Obama Is Proclaiming On Nuclear Disarmament, A Recent Congressional Budget Office (Cbo) Report Has Proposed That The Us Government Spend $355 Billion Over The Next 10 Years …Read More

The Iranian Nuclear Deal: Opportunities And Challenges For The Us
Dr. Stuti Banerjee,Research Fellow, Icwa
28 Jan 2014: In November 2013, Iran Signed An Interim Agreement Called ‘The Joint Plan Of Action’ With The Five Permanent Members Of The Security Council And Germany (P5+1), …Read More

China’s First Hypersonic Vehicle Glides To Success
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
28 Jan 2014: Presenting A Tough Challenge To The United States Hypersonic Capabilities, China Has Successfully Tested Its First Hypersonic Missile Delivery Vehicle, Which Is Capable Of Penetrating Any Existing Defence System With Nuclear Warheads…Read More

Laser Guns: A Leap In Missile Defence Technology
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
27 Jan 2014: Israel Is Making A Major Leap In Missile Defence Technology By Integrating Laser Guns To Its Systems…Read More

India’s Lingering Concerns Over Tibet Issue
Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
24 Jan 2014:More Than Half-A-Century Ago, In 1959, The 14th Dalai Lama Fled Tibet To Take Refuge In India After The Alleged Human Rights Violations In Tibet…Read More

China Targets Tibetan Sites: Preemptive Or Defensive?
Simrat Virk, Research Associate, Caps
24jan 2014:Keeping In Mind That Most Of The Media In China Is State-Controlled And The Information That Comes In And Goes Out Undergoes Strict Government Scrutiny- Cyber Hacking Is The Latest Trend Employed By China In Tibet…Read More

India Strengthens Ties With South Korea In Cyber Security
Dilipraj,Research Associate, Caps
24 Jan 2014:India And South Korea Signed A Pack Of Nine Agreements On 16 January 2014 In Various Fields, Including An Agreement On Cyber Security… .Read More

Sino-Japanese Propaganda War: Now In India
Ankit Kumar,Research Associate, Caps
22 Jan 2014: Shinzo Abe, The Japanese Prime Minister And The Republic Day Parade Honoured Guest Will Only Be Landing In New Delhi On 25 January 2014 To Consolidate The Growing Indo-Japanese Bilateral Relations…Read More

After Arihant, Arjun, Tejas…It’s Agni
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
21 Jan 2014: As Indian Defence Apparatus Continues To Strive For Credible Deterrence, The Recent Successful Launch Of Agni Iv Is Yet Another Milestone In This Direction…Read More

The Gcnep: Fostering India’s ‘Responsible State’ Image
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
20 Jan 2014: As A Part Of Its Endeavour To Harness Nuclear Systems In A Safe And Secure Manner, And Address Risks Relating To Physical Security Of Nuclear Installations…Read More

Moving Away From Russia: Is It Right Choice?
Wg Cdr Raj Mongia, Research Fellow, Caps
20 Jan 2014: The Thaw In Relationship With The United States Is Perceived To Be An Asset For India In Recent Years…Read More

Three Dimensional (3d) Printing In Aviation: Hope For Breaking The Logistics Shackles
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
15 Jan 2014: Aircraft Are Very Complex Machines. A Modern Aircraft Is Made Up Of Tens Of Thousands Of Parts Some Very Small And Others Quite Large…Read More

Are Growing Business Ties Between Taiwan And China A Prelude To Peaceful Unification?
Prerna Gandhi, Research Associate, Caps
11 Jan 2014: In A Speech Posted On The Presidential Website, Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou New Year’s Address Stated That The Government Needs To End Its Political Stalemate With China To Spur Economic Growth…Read More

Ripe Time For India To Exploit International Space Market
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
10 Jan 2014: Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) Has Achieved The Long Awaited Milestone Of The Successful Launch Of Its Rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Development… Read More

Jimex In The Wake Of China’s Inroads Into Indian Ocean Region
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
08 Jan 2014: An Interesting Emerging Contour Of India-Japan’s Strategic Partnership Was Reflected In The Joint Naval Exercise – Japan And India Maritime Exercise (Jimex)…Read More


Indo-Israel Collaboration For Integrated Anti-Missile System
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
24 Feb 2014: India And Israel Will Jointly Build An Integrated Anti-Missile System (Iams) To Be Deployed Against Nuclear And Conventional Missiles…Read More

17th Round Of India-China Border Negotiations: What It Means For India
Sana Hashmi,Associate Fellow, Caps
20 Feb 2014: Chinese New Year Began On A Positive Note For India- China Bilateral Relations. Commemorating The 60th Anniversary Of The Panchsheel Agreement In 2014…Read More

Amphibious Seaplane Sale Could Trigger Closer Japan-India Defence Relations
Ravinder, Senior Fellow, Caps
13 Feb 2014: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Visit To India From January 25- 27, 2014 As Chief Guest At India’s Republic Day Parade Has Led To Further Strengthening Of Japan-India Defence Relations…Read More

Sixty Nine Years After War: A Good Germany; An Unapologetic Japan
Ankit Kumar,Research Associate, Caps
13 Feb 2014: German President Joachim Gauck Recently Finished His Three Day Long Visit Of India. His Visit Comes After The Successful High Profile Visit Of Japanese Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe’s…Read More

Future Air Power Equipment Trends
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur,Senior Fellow, Caps
12 Feb 2014: It Has Been Reported That The Uk’s Taranis Unmanned Autonomous Drone, Touted To Be The Most Advanced Flying Machine Ever Designed And Built By The Uk “Carried Out Successful Test Flights At An Undisclosed Location, Believed To Be In The Australian Desert, In August Last Year…Read More

Us Draws The List Of Adversaries For Cyber Attack Through Presidential Policy Directive – 20
Wg.Cdr Mk Sharma,Research Fellow, Caps
12 Feb 2014: Recent Leak Of ‘Top Secret/Noforn’ Us Presidential Policy Directive Ppd-20 Asking National Security Advisor (Nsa) To Draw List Of Target Nations’ Systems, Processes And Infrastructures…Read More

Ins Vikramaditya : A Boost To India’s Power Projection Capabilities
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
10 Feb 2014: Ins Vikramaditya, After Extensive Refurbishment In Russia, Sailed Into Its Home Port Of Karwar On 07 Jan 2014. This Former Soviet “Missile Cruiser”, At 44,500 Tons Displacement, Is The Largest Ship Ever To Be Operated By The Indian Navy…Read More

Sochi Winter Olympics: In The Shadow Of Terror
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
06 Feb 2014: The Recent December Bombings In Volgograd Not Only Marked The Sixth Time That Militants Have Attacked The City But Also Challenged The Security Concerns And Preparedness Of Russia For The Upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 …Read More

The U.S. X-51a Wave Rider: U.S. Gears Up For Prompt Global Strike
Debalina Ghoshal, Associate Fellow, Caps
06 Feb 2014: Technology Has Advanced To A Stage Where Cruise Missiles Can Now Fly At Hypersonic Speeds Also. The U.S. X-51a Wave Rider Is One Such Hypersonic Experimental Aircraft …Read More

Thus Blows The Nuclear Wind
Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Icssr Senior Fellow, Caps
02 Feb 2014: We Are Only Two Months From Completing Five Years Since President Obama Made A Landmark Speech At Prague In Which He Expressed Support For A Nuclear Weapons Free World…Read More

MARCH 2014

Nuclear Opportunities Post- Fukushima
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra,Research Fellow, Caps
31 Mar 2014:Irrespective Of Its Negative Impact On Nuclear Energy Programmes Worldwide, The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Has Highlighted A Host Of Technological Opportunities…Read More

Drone Journalism: Potential And Challenges
Kriti Singh, Associate Fellow, Caps
25 Mar 2014: Today Journalism Is Eyeing Another Aviation Platform, Whose Use Would Not Only Pose Challenges But If Used Judiciously, Could Open New Avenues For News Gathering…Read More

China Continues Double Digit Hike In Defence Budget
Lt. Col (Retd.) Rakesh Verma,Research Fellow, Caps
21 Mar 2014: China Has Announced An Increase Of 12.2 Percent In The Defence Budget For The Year 2014 . The Increase Is Largest Since 2011…Read More

The Crimean Referendum: Setting The Stage For Restoration Of Russia’s Lost Glory
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
21 Mar 2014: The Recent Showdown And Overwhelming Majority Vote By Crimea In Favour Of Accession To Russia Has Once Again Brought The Region To A Critical Juncture…Read More

Brahmos Cruise Missile Ready For Air Launched Test
Ravinder, Senior Fellow, Caps
18 Mar 2014: India Plans To Carry Out Trials, This Year, Of The Air Launched Version Of The Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile…Read More

Ambiguity In The East Wind: Dong Feng-25 And Dong Feng-26
Arjun Subramanian P,Associate Fellow, Caps
18 Mar 2014: In The Last Two Months There Were Reports In The Internet Regarding Two Of China’s Inter-Mediatory Range Ballistic Missiles…Read More

Technology For Future Warfare: Mechanical Enhancement
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur,Senior Fellow, Caps
13 Mar 2014: A “Light And Nimble” Yet “Heavily Armed” Combat Soldier Has Been The Holy Grail Of Surface Combat Enthusiasts And Practitioners…Read More

Modern Cost Effective Flight Refuelling Solutions
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur,Senior Fellow, Caps
11 Mar 2014:International Manufacturers Of Flight Refuelling Aircraft (Fra) Are Limited To Boeing Of Usa, Illushin Of Russia And Airbus Of Europe…Read More

Akash Surface To Air Missile (Sam) System: A Success Story In The Making
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
11 Mar 2014: The Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (Igmdp) Was Conceived By Dr Apj Abdul Kalam, The Then Director Of India’s Defence Research And Development Laboratories (Drdl)…Read More

The Big Question: Is China Facing A Financial Crisis, Or Not?
Prerna Gandhi,Research Associate, Caps
11 Mar 2014: In A First For Chinese Banks, Four Of Them Made History Recently. The Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (Icbc) Unseated Exxon Mobil Last Year To Take The Top Spot On The Forbes Global 2000 As The World’s Largest Company…Read More

Would Tibet Become Casualty Of Globalization?
Wg Cdr Raj Mongia, Research Fellow, Caps
06 Mar 2014: When United States President Barrack Obama Met The Tibetan Leader, The Dalai Lama, China Promptly Conveyed Its Displeasure By Summoning A Top American Diplomat…Read More

APRIL 2014

Russia Clears S-400 Long Range Sam Sale To China
Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
30 April 2014: According To Reports In The Media President Vladmir Putin Of Russia Has Agreed To The Sale Of Russia’s Lethal Long Range Surface To Air Missile S-400 Triumf…Read More

Accessing The Inaccessible (I): Nsa’s Digital Tools Of Espionage
E. Dilipraj, Research Associate, Caps
21 Apr 2014: National Security Agency (Nsa) Has Been In The News Since Mid-2013 For All Wrong Reasons Especially For Its Infamous Prism Program…Read More

Progress Towards Indian Self Sufficiency In Satellite Navigation Technology
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
16 Apr 2014: Advanced Space Applications With High End Dual Use Features Have Hither-Fore Been The Almost Exclusive Domain Of The Technologically Advanced “West”…Read More

The Nuclear Doctrine And The Bjp
Dr. Stuti Banerjee,Research Fellow,Icwa
15 Apr 2014: On 07 March 2014, A National Political Party, The Bhartiya Janta Party (Bjp) Released Its Manifesto For The 2014 General Election, Currently Being Held In India…Read More

Concentrated Firepower Vs Numbers In Warfare
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
07 Apr 2014: In The Past Few Years There Has Been A Resurgence Of Interest In Developing The Ability To Make Small Relatively Less Capable Systems Operate In A Co-Operative Manner…Read More

Fukushima’s Third Anniversary: Japan’s Continuing Struggle
Ankit Kumar, Research Associate, Caps
02 Apr 2014: A 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake, Which Has Come To Be Known As The Great East Japan Earthquake, Followed By A Massive Tsunami, Had Hit Japan On 11 March 2011…Read More

MAY 2014

China’s New Awacs – Kj 500
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
31 May 2014: Recently A Chinese Military Website Released Photos Of China’s New Awacs, The Kj- 500. The Kj-500 Seems To Be The Next Generation Early Warning Aircraft For People’s Liberation Army Air Force (Plaaf)…Read More

The Ukrainian Matinee: Response From China
Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
30 May 2014: In February 2014, A Crisis Began To Unfold Which Gave A New Turn To The Relations Of Russia And Ukraine. Crimean Crisis Was One Of The Repercussions Of The Anti-Government Protests In Ukraine…Read More

Accessing The Inaccessible (Ii): Keyboards, Usbs & Vgas
E. Dilipraj, Research Associate, Caps
29 May 2014: The Nsa’s Digital Tools Of Espionage Exposed By The German Weekly Der Spiegel Reveal The Sophistication Of Every Tool That Is Being Used By The Agency To Spy Upon Its Digital Targets Around The World…Read More

Nato And The Crimean Crisis – A Thought
Gp Capt M Bandopadhyay, Senior Fellow, Caps
26 May 2014: Nato, A Military Alliance, Created In 1949, Is The Only One Of Its Kind Today In The World. Proclaimed As An Organization Of Collective Defence, It Began With The First Member States Being Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom…Read More

China Keen To Tap India’s Expertise: Revival Of The ‘Chindia’ Syndrome?
Wg Cdr Raj Mongia, Research Fellow, Caps
25 May 2014: During His Three Day Visit To Chennai From May 2 To May 4, 2014 Mr. Cheng Guang Zhong, Minister Counsellor Of The Chinese Embassy In Delhi And His Four Member Delegation Observedthat China Has A Lot To Gain From India’s Expertise In Services Sector…Read More

Encouraging News For Indigenous Development Of Weapon Systems
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur,Senior Fellow, Caps
12 May 2014: India Today Is The Largest Importer Of Arms In The World. This Dubious Distinction Has Been Attained By The Combination Of A Genuine Need For Equipping The Indian Armed Forces And A Lack Of The Ability Of Domestic Industry…Read More

Glonass Failure: Implications For India
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur,Senior Fellow, Caps
09 May 2014: The First Operational Satellite Based Navigation System To Become Operational Was The Usa’s Global Positioning System (Gps) “Navstar”…Read More

The Reality Of 2013 China-Japan Trade
Prerna Gandhi, Research Associate, Caps
09 May 2014: Trade Statistics Released In April Of Japan By Jetro (Japan External Trade Organization) For April’13- March ’14 …(Read More)

Is Nuclear Renaissance Back On Track?
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
08 May 2014: On 14-15 April 2014, The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Has Had An Impact On The Overall Pace Of New Build And Attitude Towards Nuclear Energy In General…(Read More)

The P-5 Beijing Conference
Hina Pandey, Research Associate, Caps
07 May 2014: On 14-15 April 2014, The Permanent Members Of The Un Security Council Who Are Also Nuclear Weapon States (Nws)…(Read More)

Roadmap For United States Cyber Command And Its Applicability From Indian Perspective
Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
06 May 2014: United States Cyber Command (Uscybercom) Reached Full Operational Capability On 31 October 2010, With Following Mission…(Read More)

JUNE 2014

Accessing The Inaccessible (Iii): Nsa’s Tools Of Espionage On Computers
E. Dilipraj, Research Associate, Caps
25 June 2014: The Digital Catalogue Of Nsa’s Tools Of Digital Espionage, Which Was Exposed In Der Spiegel, The German Weekly Reveal The Amount Of Sophisticated Digital Tools Used By…Read More

Carrying Forward Upa’s Nuclear Spell
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
11 June 2014: As Part Of Manmohan Singh Led Upa Government’s Nuclear Spell, Four Noteworthy Developments Have Taken Place In India’s Tryst With Nuclear Power, During…Read More

Is Russia Mending Its Ties With Pakistan At India’s Cost?
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
08 June 2014: The First Half Of The Year 2014 Seems To Have Been An Eventful Period For Russia As Moscow Hogged The Limelight Over The Ukraine Imbroglio And Now…Read More

Indictment Of Chinese Nationals By Us On Charges Of Cyber-Espionage: Its Immediate Implications And Long Term Ramifications
Wg Cdr Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
07 June 2014: The Anonymity And Impunity, With Which The Acts Of Cyber Terrorism And Espionage Are Being Carried Out, Have…Read More

Solar Impulse And E-Fan: Technology Advances Towards Reduction Of Greenhouse Gas Emisssion In Aviation
Gp. Capt.Vivek Kapur,Senior Fellow, Caps
06 June 2014: For Many Decades Military Forces Around The World Have Continued Their Business Without Much Concern About The Environment And Its Degradation…Read More

JULY 2014

Antrix Corporation: Can It Provide Impetus To Indian Space Market
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow
30 July 2014: Antrix Corporation Limited, The Commercial Arm Of Department Of Space Was Established In The Year 1992 As A Private Limited Company Under The Aegis Of Government Of India…Read More

Can India-China Cooperation Pave The Way For ‘Chindia’?
Wg Cdr Raj Mongia, Research Fellow
23 July 2014: When Narendra Modi Was Sworn In Prime Minister On May 26, 2014 As The Head Of A 45-Member Coalition Government, After The Elections Catapulted The First Government With Absolute Majority In 30 Years…Read More

One-Way Ticket To Mars: The Hoax And Its Redress
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow
23 July 2014: Going By Hindu Philosophy Mars Is The God Of War: Wild, Brash And Adventurous. Little Wonder Than That Its Draws People Of Like Nature Onto Its Fold…Read More

Nuclear Material Seizure By Isil – A Wakeup Call
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra,Research Fellow
21 July 2014: The Seizure Of Nuclear Material From Three University Sites In Mosul By The Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant (Isil) In Early June, Though Downplayed …Read More

The Emerging Threat Of Isis
Aersh Danish,Non Resident Fellow, Caps
16 July 2014: As Early As Two Years Ago, The Name Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria (Isis) Would Have Been Unknown To Many In The Strategic And Academic Circles…(Read More)

Iran: India’s Strategic Gateway
Ankit Kumar, Research Associate, Caps
15 July 2014: India’s Relationship With Iran Has Been Termed “Complicated” At Best. In Modern History, India And Iran Have Mostly Been In Opposite Camps And Came Together…(Read More)

A Step Forward By India: Ratification Of The Additional Protocol
Hina Pandey, Research Associate, Caps
14 July 2014: Recently, India Went Another Step Forward In Joining The International Non-Proliferation Regime By Declaring Its Ratification Of The Iaea’s Additional Protocol (Ap)…(Read More)

Pentagon’s New Report On Chinese Military Developments
Gp. Capt. Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
04 July 2014: In The First Week Of June 2014 The United States Department Of Defence Published Its “Annual Report To Congress: Military And Security Developments Involving The People’s Republic Of China 2014…(Read More)

Technology For National Security: India’s Space Capabilities Continue To Improve
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
03 July 2014: Space Related Research And Exploitation Activities Commenced In India With The Establishment Of The Indian National Committee For Space Research (Incospar) In Year 1962…(Read More)



Nato And The Ukraine Crisis – Whodunit?
Gp Capt M Bandopadhyay, Senior Fellow, Caps
30 Aug 2014: Is The Crimean Crisis That Has Morphed Into The Ukraine Crisis, Really A Consequence Of Russian Follies? Or Is It Because The West Is Forcing Its Own Ideas On The Region,…Read More

Analysing Recent Attacks In Xinjiang
Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
30 Aug 2014: Of Late, There Has Been A Surge In Violence In The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Xuar).In Fact, The Year 2014 Has Specifically Been One Of The Most Violent Years …Read More

X-37b Orbital Test Vehicle Completes 625 Days In Orbit
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
29 Aug 2014: X-37b Orbital Test Vehicle (Otv), A Spacecraft Operated By The Us Air Force Was Launched Aboard The Atlas-V On December 11, 2012 And Is Stealthily Zooming In Orbit Rising Speculations On Its Clandestine Nature Of Operations…Read More

Us China Aerial Confrontations In The East China Sea
Gp.Capt.Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
29 Aug 2014: Reports Are Circulating In The Media About A Us Maritime Patrol P-8a Poseidon Aircraft Being Intercepted By A Chinese Fighter In International Waters About 135 Miles East Of Hainan Island…Read More

Nirbhay: Will The “Fearless” Enter The Fray
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal, Senior Fellow, Caps
28 Aug 2014: India Recently Announced That It Is Preparing To Test Its Long Range Cruise Missile “Nirbhay” (Fearless).This Missile Was First Tested In March 2013 But The Test Had To Be Aborted Due To Malfunction…Read More

Cooperation In Defence Offers From Usa: Boon Or Bane
Gp.Capt.Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
28 Aug 2014: During His Recent Visit To India In Early August 2014 The Us Defence Secretary, Charles Hagel, Made Several Arms Offers To India. These Included Offers For Outright Sales Of Weapons Systems…Read More

Accessing The Inaccessible (Iv): Nsa’s Tools Of Espionage In W-Lan And Router
E. Dilipraj, Research Associate, Caps
27 Aug 2014: The Us National Security Agency’s (Nsa) Ant Department’s Technical Expertise And Sophistication In The Field Of Espionage Especially On Computer Equipments Amuses Its Admirers While At The Same Time Annoys Its Victims…Read More

Interceptions By Plaaf: Mere Adventurism Or Show Of Air Power?
Ankit Kumar, Research Associate, Caps
27 Aug 2014: On August 19, A Chinese Pla Air Force Fighter Jet Intercepted A Us Navy Reconnaissance Aircraft In What Us Officials Have Called A “Provocative” Manoeuvre. Reports Suggest That The Chinese Fighter Jet Flew With The Us Aircraft…Read More

Zero Day Vulnerability Exploitation: Cyber Weapon Of Choice
Wg Cdr Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow,Caps
26 Aug 2014: The Tentacles Of Cyber Espionage Are Expanding Their Reach Entwining Almost Every Facet Of Life. The Vulnerability Quotient Due To Activities In Cyber Space Has Gone Many Notches Up…Read More

Pakistan’s Political Imbroglio – Yet Again!
Dr. Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, Caps
24 Aug 2014: Pakistan’s Most Recent Political Imbroglio Entered Its 11th Day Today With Nawaz Sharif Refusing To Take Accept Imran Khan’s Proposition…Read More

Snooping: Revisited
Group Captain Ashok K Chordia (Retd.), Senior Fellow
20 August 2014: An American Diplomat In Moscow Was Listening To A Programme On His Radio When He Heard The Voice Of His Country’s Ambassador …Read More

Carbon Fibre Obscurant Cloud: A Passive Missile Defence Solution
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow
13 August 2014: The Seventh Fleet Of The United States Navy Recently Tested A Passive Missile Defence System Designed…Read More

From Arms-Importer To Arms-Exporter?: A Paradigm Shift
Dr. Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow
12 August 2014: Speaking Aboard India’s Largest Aircraft Career Ins Vikramaditya, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Reportedly Said On 14 June That…Read More

Extension Of Tibet’s Rail Line: Implications For Tibet And India
Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate
09 August 2014: The Global Times, A State-Run Newspaper Reported That Golmud To Lhasa Railway Line’s Extension To Shigatse Will Start Operating Formally From August Of This Year. The Railway Line From Golmud…Read More

Fifth India-Us Strategic Dialogue: A Renewed Focus On The Relationship
Dr. Stuti Banerjee, Research Fellow, Icwa
07 Aug 2014:The Just Concluded India –Us Strategic Dialogue Has Generated Considerable Debate…Read More

Downing Of Mh17
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate
01 Aug 2014: In The Heat Of The Latest War Hysteria In Ukraine, The Downing Of The Malaysian Ba 777 Passenger Jet In Eastern Ukraine Killing Everybody On Board…Read More

Withdrawal Of Oil Rig: Chinese Misadventure Or A Calculated Move
Captain Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow
01 Aug 2014: On 15 July 14, China Announced That Its Oil-Drill Platform Hai Yang Shi You 981 Had Completed Its Exploration Operations Off Triton Island ( Zhongjian Island In Chinese ) And Would Be Towed Back To Hainan Island…Read More


Embraer Airborne Early Warning And Control: India’s Eagle Eyes
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
30 Sept 2014: Brazilian Aircraft Manufacturer Embraer Recently Announced That They Are In Discussions With India’s Centre For Airborne Systems (Cabs), A Defence Research And Development Organisation (Drdo)…Read More

Accessing The Inaccessible (V): Nsa’s Tools Of Espionage In Firewalls And Servers
E. Dilipraj, Research Associate, Caps
30 Sept 2014: With The Aim Of Taking A Look Into The Complicated Espionage Tools Of The Advanced/ Access Network Technology (Ant) Department Of The National Security Agency’s (Nsa) Of The Us, This Series…Read More

Pakistan’s Naval Nuclear Brinkmanship
Dr Sitakanta Mishra, Research Fellow, Caps
29 Sept 2014: Predicated On Its Strategy For “Consolidation Of Deterrence Capability At All Levels Of The Threat Spectrum,” Pakistan Is Reportedly…Read More

Imposition Of New Sanctions: Putting Pressure On Russia?
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
29 Sept 2014: The Euromaidan Demonstrations In Kiev, Recognition Of Crimea As An Independent Entity By Russia, Call For ‘Greater Novorossiya’ In Eastern Ukraine And The Downing Of Malaysian Mh17 …Read More

China As A Nuclear Exporter
Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Icssr Senior Fellow, Caps
29 Sept 2014: China Is Not New To Nuclear Exports. It Has Long Been Sending Out Nuclear Material, Technology And Even Weapon Designs To Recipients In Pakistan, North Korea And Iran….Read More

Continuing Evolution: Tomahawk Tlam
Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
27 Sept 2014: Recently, Two Block Iv Versions Of Tomahawk Missiles Were Successfully Test Fired Back To- Back To Validate A New Software Upgrade Which Will Enable The Operator To Retarget The Missile In Mid-Flight…Read More

A Flawless Demonstration Of Advanced Technological Capability
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
25 Sept 2014: India’s Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) Planned The Country’s First Mission To Mars In 2012 And Within 15 Months Fabricated The Spacecraft And Launched It To Intercept The Red Planet…Read More

Supersonic Submarine : A Myth Or Reality
Captain Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
24 Sept 2014: Shanghai To San Francisco In Less Than Two Hours…In A Future Supersonic Jetliner? ….No… In A Submarine! Could Never Believe The Press Release By South China Morning Post On 24 Aug 14….Read More

India’s Maiden Mars Mission Puts Isro On A New High
By Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
24 Sept 2014: The Much Awaited Tryst Of The Indian First Interplanetary Spaceflight Carrying The Spacecraft Christened ‘Mangalayan’ Succeeded In Its Very First Attempt Creating History On September 24,2014…Read More

Cautious Optimism: The Indian Prime Minister’s Visit To The United States
Dr. Stuti Banerjee Research Fellow, Indian Council Of World Affairs
21 Sept 2014: The Impending Visit By Prime Minister Narendra Modi To The United States (Us), To Attend The United Nations Assembly In New York ….Read More

Caps/Cii Seminar 10/11 Sep 14: Energising Indian Aerospace Industry
By Air Marshal Vinod Patney , Sysm Pvsm Avsm Vrc (Retd), Director General Caps
18 Sept 2014: It Is My Privilege To Welcome You Once Again To The 9th Caps/Cii Seminar On Energising Indian Aerospace Industry. It Is Encouraging To See A Full House And More. This Is Indicative Of The Popularity Of Our Programme…Read More

Project Mausaum: Not A Counter To China’s Maritime Silk Route
By Ankit Kumar, Research Associate, Caps
18 Sept 2014: India’s Ministry Of Culture Initiative, Project ‘Mausam,’ Seems To Have Aroused Much Curiosity In The Indian Media And Strategic Circle…Read More

Pm Modi’s Japan Visit: Encouraging Signs For The Future
By Ankit Kumar, Research Associate, Caps
10 Sept 2014: Third, And Perhaps The Most Important Achievement Of This Visit Was That Modi Was Successful In Generating Tremendous Goodwill In Japan And Consolidate Japanese Perception…Read More

Al Qaeda’s New India Wing For Jihad: Alarm Bells !
Dr Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, Caps
05 Sept 2014: The Sunni Organization Al Qaeda In Its Effort To Expand Itself In South Asia Announced The Formation Of Its Indian Branch Dedicated To Waging Jihad In The Indian Subcontinent…Read More

Aviation Technology: Bridging The Gap Between Satellites And Aircraft
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
03 Sept 2014: Surveillance Was The First Military Use That Aerial Craft Were Put To. This Trend Started With Tethered Hot Air Balloons That Carried Men Aloft. The Soldier In The Balloon Could Observe Out To Large Distances…Read More

A Revolution In Manufacturing
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
02 Sept 2014: Manufacturing Of Complex Shapes In Advanced Machines Has Been An Expensive And Demanding Task. The Difficulty Of Manufacturing Precisely Machined Parts That Fit Together …Read More

Time For Joint Operations With Myanmar Army To Flush Out Insurgents?
Col G S Puyam, Senior Fellow, Caps
01 Sept 2014: It Is A Well Known Fact That Insurgent Groups Of North East India Like Ulfa, Nscn-K, People’s Liberation Army, United National Liberation Front, People’s Revolutionary Party Of Kangleipak…Read More


Application Of Media Dependency Theory During Crisis: Ops Megh Rahat
Kriti Singh Associate Fellow, Caps
30 Oct 2014: The Media And Military Are Two Different Entities, With Different Objectives, Different Styles Of Working But Still The Dependency Exist…Read More

Bangladesh, Assam & West Bengal: The New Crossroads For Terrorism In South Asia?
Uday Deshwal ,Research Associate, Caps
30 Oct 2014: The City Of Burdwan In West Bengal, Located Approximately 150 Kilometers From Kolkata, Was The Location Of A Blast That Occurred Inside The Premises Of A House…Read More

China‘S Ascendancy To Number One Position In The Realm Of Supercomputing: Another ‘Sputnik Moment ‘ For The Us ?
Wg Cdr Ashish Gupta, Research Fellow, Caps
29 Oct 2014: The Rivalries Among Nation States Can Transform Into A Contest For Assertion Of Elements Of National Power – Political, Economic Or Military…Read More

The Strategic Matrix Of The Us – Vietnam Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
Hina Pandey, Research Associate, Caps
28 Oct 2014: Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation Between States Conveys Meaningful Gestures. It Could Be Viewed As Way Of Strategic Signaling. One Year Back The Us-Iran Nuclear Negotiations Were Initiated…Read More

Islamic State Propaganda And Implications For India
Wg Cdr Rk Narang, Research Fellow, Caps
24 Oct 2014: Islamic State (Is), Formerly Known As Isis, A Sunni Terrorist Organisation Is Headed By Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi…Read More

China’s Stealth Bomber
Arjun Subraminian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
24 Oct 2014: The Online Domain Is Abuzz With Reports About The New Stealth Bomber Aircraft That China Is Developing. It Has Been Reported That The Chinese Have Christened Their Creation As – H-8/H-18…Read More

Steps Towards Development Of A Viable Indigenous Defence Industry
Gp. Capt. Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
24 Oct 2014: Development Of A Viable Indigenous Armament Industry Able To Deliver Equipment Required By The Indian Armed Forces Has Been A Long Standing Requirement…Read More

Russia’s Hybrid Fusion – Fission Reactor Ambition
Debalina Ghoshal, Associate Fellow, Caps
20 Oct 2014: On October 15, 2014 Reports Came In That Russia Was Developing Hybrid Nuclear Reactor That Would Incorporate Both Fission And Fusion Reactors…Read More

India Inches Closer To Its Indigenised Version Of Gps With Successfull Launch Of Navigation Satellite Irnss – Ic
Wg Cdr Pa Patil, Research Fellow, Caps
19 Oct 2014: Isro Successfully Launched Its Third Irnss (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) On October 16, 2014 From Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. Irnss – 1c Was Launched Aboard Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle…Read More

Avro Transport Aircraft Replacement To Go To Private Sector: Boost For Indian Military Industry
Gp Capt Ravinder Singh Chhatwal (Retd), Senior Fellow, Caps
18 Oct 2014: In A Major Departure From India’s Long Held Policy Of Allowing Only State Owned Hal (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) To Manufacture Military Aircraft The New Bjp Government Has Decided To Permit Indian Private Sector…Read More

The X-37b Space Plane: Space Militarisation, Weaponisation Or Plain Experimentation
Wing Commander Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
17 Oct 2014: The U.S. Air Force Certainly Knows How To Keep A Secret. What Is Known Of Its Air And Spacecraft Covers Tons Of Literature, It Evokes Adoration And Envy In Equal Measure…Read More

Momentum In Indo – Us Relations: Should Russia Be Concerned?
Chandra Rekha, Research Associate, Caps
13 Oct 2014: The Recently Concluded Five Day Maiden Voyage By Narendra Modi To United States Has Had Foreign Experts Eagerly Watch His Foreign Policy Ambitions. President Obama And Prime Minister Modi Deliberated On A Wide Range Of Issues…Read More

In-Between The Prepcoms & Revcons – Expectations From The Upcoming Npt Revcon 2015
Hina Pandey, Research Associate, Caps
12 Oct 2014: In Only A Few Months From Now, The Npt Will Hold Its Fourth Review Conference (Revcon) Since Its Indefinite Extension In 1995…Read More

India’s Agni I Test: Preparing For Operational Readiness
Debalina Ghoshal, Associate Fellow, Caps
12 Oct 2014: On September 11, 2014, India’s Lone Missile Test Firing Range, Wheeler Island In Odhisha Coast Witnessed Yet Another Successful Test Firing Of The 700kms Range Nuclear Capable Agni I Ballistic Missile…Read More

Roots Of Resistance: Analysing Why Tibetans Protest
Simrat Virk, Research Associate, Caps
05 Oct 2014: At Least Ten Pro- Tibet Supporters Were Arrested From Outside The Chinese Embassy In New Delhi Last Month. The Protests Coincided With The 3-Day Visit Of The Chinese President Xi Jinping To India In The Same Month…Read More


Chinese Rmb Part Of The Sdr Valuation Formula
Dr Temjenmeren Ao, Associate Fellow, Caps
30 Nov 2015: The Imf Board Would Be Considering Whether To Include The Chinese Renminbi (Rmb) Into The Imf’s Official Basket Of Reserve Currencies…Read More

Unregulated Proliferation Of Drones In India
Wg Cdr Rk Narang, Research Fellow, Caps
29 Nov 2015: There Are Many Challenges Associated With The Proliferation Of Drones. There Are No Instructions/ Guidelines For Vendors For Procurement And Sale Of Drones As A Result Mini And Small Drones Are Easily Available In Markets…Read More

Us Congressional Delegation’s Visit To Tibet: Beijing’s Hollow Gesture?
Ms Tseyang Lhamo, Research Associate, Caps
27 Nov 2015: United States Congressional Delegation Of Seven Members Led By Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader Of The House Of Representative, Made A Visit To Tibet On November 12, 2015 Prior To Visiting Beijing….Read More

Freedom Of Navigation Operations In South China Sea – Why Innocent Passage?
Capt Hps Sodhi, Senior Fellow, Caps
26 Nov 2015: On October 27, 2015 Uss Lassen, An Arleigh Burke Class Missile Destroyer Equipped With The Aegis Defence System And Tomahawk Missiles, Sailed Past Close To Subi Reef In The South China Sea …Read More

The New America? The New Al Qaeda? And A Few More Questions
Aersh Danish, Research Associate, Caps
21 Nov 2015: Friday The 13th (Of November, 2015) Would Go Down In History As One Of The Most Unfortunate Of Days For The Civilised World….Read More

Virtual Reality Journalism: Changing The Narratives Of News
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, Jaipur National University
20 Nov 2015: The Integration Of Virtual Reality And 3-D (Three-Dimensional) Environments In Journalism Has Opened A New Domain In Journalism….Read More

China Introduces Its Two Child Policy: Why Now?
Ms Shaheli Das, Ph.D Scholar, Delhi University
19 Nov 2015: The Decision Of The Chinese Government To Permit All Couples To Have Two Children May Be Termed As Historic….Read More

The Future Of Cross-Strait Relations
Ms Swati Arun, Associate Fellow, Caps
17 Nov 2015: The Recent Chinese-Taiwan Meeting, First In 65 Years, Presents The Case For Relation Building….Read More

China’s Commitment To Bolster Un Peacekeeping Missions: Altruistic Intervention Or Predatory Aggression
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
16 Nov 2015: China’s New Found Interest In Peacekeeping Is Largely Being Viewed As Soft Power Enunciation And Assertion Of Its Growing Economic And Military Might And Its Willingness To Use These In Pursuance And Furtherance Of Its Interest….Read More

‘Leaders’ As ‘Persons’: Analysing Xi Jinping’s Meeting With Ma Ying-Jeou
Ms Sana Hashmi, Associate Fellow, Caps
13 Nov 2015: Chinese President Xi Jinping Successfully Concluded His State Visits To Vietnam, Singapore As Also His ‘Informal’ Meeting With Taiwan President Ma Ying-Jeou Recently….Read More

Effective Alternatives For Aircraft And Satellite Based Capabilities
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
06 Nov 2015: Hot Air Balloons Have Stayed In Use Especially By Ballooning Enthusiasts And For A Few Advertising Ventures, Hence Their Use Is Not Too Out Of The Ordinary….Read More

Facebook’s Diplomacy: Compassion Or Conspiracy
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Nov 2015: The Rapid Growth Of Facebook Into The Internet World Has Not Been Without Conspiracies….Read More

Df-26: Fresh Insights Based On New High Resolution Imagery
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Nov 2015: This Article Indulges In Some Speculations Centred On The Analysis Of The New Imagery Available On Df-26, Df-21d And Mirved Df-5a Ballistic Missiles….Read More

Constitutional Crisis In Nepal: India’s Involvement And The China Factor
Ms Shaheli Das, Research Associate, Caps
02 Nov 2015: The Political Transition In Nepal Has Once Again Brought India And China Face To Face. The Geopolitical Importance Of The Country Has Been Best Realised…Read More


Yj-18 Ascm Another Leaf From Russian Technology: Reverse Engineered And Improved
Mr Arjun Subramanian P, Associate Fellow, Caps
31 Dec 2015: China Has Borrowed Another Leaf From Russian Technology To Improve Its Counter-Intervention Strategy….Read More

China’s Anti-Terrorism Act And Its Implication On Chinese Media And Freedom Of Expression
Ms Kriti Singh, Assistant Professor, School Of Media Studies, Jaipur National University
30 Dec 2015: The Article Is An Attempt To Bring To Light The Chinese Journalism Philosophy And Discuss Those Clauses Of China’s Draft Anti-Terrorism Law, Which Is Expected To Further Hamper The Freedom Of Chinese Press And Freedom Of Expression….Read More

Us – China Cyber Camaraderie: A Step Towards Arms Control Or Confidence Building In Cyber Domain?
Mr E.Dilipraj, Associate Fellow, Caps
23 Dec 2015: On December 01, 2015, The Us And China Held Their ‘First Cyber Security Ministerial Dialogue’ In Washington Which Is Being Dubbed As The ‘First Cyber Arms Control Negotiations’ Of The World…Read More

Why Restart Of The Pslv C-29 During Launch Of The Six Singaporean Satellites Is A Big Deal
Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, Caps
23 Dec 2015: On December 16, 2015, Isro’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (Pslv)-C29 Successfully Launched Six Satellites Of Singapore, Including The 400 Kg Teleos-1,…Read More

Cop 21: The Changed Climate For Indo-Us Cooperation
Ms Anu Sharma, Research Associate, Caps
15 Dec 2015: Leaders Of More Than 190 Nations Gathered In Paris To Come To A Possible Agreement On Climate Change Particularly Aimed At Reducing The Green House Emissions….Read More

Syrian Crisis: Too Many Players
Gp Capt Ashok K Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
10 Dec 2015: When War Started In Syria About Four Years Ago, The Term Used Was: ‘Civil War’. It Was A Misnomer In A Way, Because Historically In Almost All Civil Wars There Have Been Only Two Parties…Read More

Siege Damascus: Role Of Syrian Armed Forces In Its Civil War
Gp Capt Tanmay Sharma, Senior Fellow, Caps
09 Dec 2015: The Civil War Raging In Syria For The Last Four Years Has Attained Major Limelight Due To The Large Scale Deaths And Human Rights Violations…Read More

Turkish Roulette
Gp Capt Vivek Kapur, Senior Fellow, Caps
08 Dec 2015: On The Morning Of 24 November 2015 At About 09:25 To 09:30 A.M. Local Time A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 Tactical Bomber…Read More

The “Charkha Legacy”: Challenges For Swadeshi Revolution In Defence Sector
Wg Cdr B S Nijjar, Research Fellow, Caps
07 Dec 2015: The “Make In India” Buzzword Coined For The Need To Give Necessary Impetus To The Indigenisation Efforts, Has Made A Definite Impact On The Prevailing Investment Climate And Industrial Sentiment In The Country….Read More

Shooting Down Of Russian Su-24: Escalation Of Tensions In Syrian Crisis
Chandra Rekha, Associate Fellow, Caps
04 Dec 2015: Syria Has Become A Region For Proxy War As Various Factions And International Actors Have Been Actively Involved Aimed At Promoting Their Interests….Read More

Activist Hackers Vs.Isis: Battling The Proverbial Frankenstein Monster In Cyberspace
Gp Capt Ashish Gupta, Senior Fellow, Caps
04 Dec 2015: The War Against Isis Is Fought By Many Nations- At Times In A Wary Collaboration, At Times In An Open Alliance- In Many Forms At Various Locations. The Opening Of Another Front Against Isis In Virtual World, The Cyber Warriors…Read More

Li-Fi Technology:Data Transmission Redefined
Gp Capt Ashok Chordia, Senior Fellow, Caps
03 Dec 2015: Unlike Wi-Fi, Li-Fi Does Not Interfere With Other Signals: Use On Aircraft And In Other Places Where Interference Is An Issue Would Be A Possibility…Read More