Group Captain (Dr) Swaim Prakash Singh MSc, M Phil, PhD, psc+

                Senior Fellow

Group Captain (Dr) Swaim Prakash Singh was commissioned into the Indian Air Force in June 1997 in the Administration branch. He is a cat AYE, Master Fighter Controller, qualified Assistant Provost Marshal, and AWACS Mission Commander with over 1000 hours of flying and Directing Staff at the prestigious Defence Services Staff College, Wellington.

He is an alumnus of DSSC Wellington and served as Directing Staff (psc+) for two years. The officer was part of the Tri-Services Indian Expert team to review the course curriculum of the Command and Staff College of Tanzania in 2016. He was instrumental in achieving a significant diplomatic feat in opening the Indian Armed Forces Training Team (IAFTT) at C&SC Tanzania, which commenced functioning in 2017. He has also been to Israel, Russia, and China. The officer has been commended by the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief of HQ Western Air Command in 2006 and by the Chief of Integrated Defence Staff in 2016.

The officer holds an MSc, M Phil, PhD and psc+ in Defence and Strategic Studies. He has been writing on various issues related to defence, aerospace power, and international relations. His articles have found a place in peer-reviewed prominent journals of CAPS, MPIDSA, IIPA and booklets of Indian Army and the MoD. He has co-edited a book “Indian Air Force in its Centennial Decade” released in Jun 2023.

The scholar warrior is currently employed as a Senior Fellow at the New Delhi-based think tank, the Centre for Air Power Studies.


Published Articles

Web Articles 26, 2021 | Caps India
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Book Chapters 26, 2021 | Caps India

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  • Book Chapters

  • IAF in its Centennial Decade” Co-editor, KW Publishers, June 2023 (CAPS)