Air Forces Need to Cultivate an Intellectual Bias

Author: Professor Sanu Kainikara, PhD, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Intellectual, strategic, PME, tactical, doctrine, leadership. For a long time a question has lurked in the shadows...

Three Years Since Op Bandar – Lessons from Employment of Air Power

Author: Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Air Strikes, Balakot, Op Bandar Air Power, Surgical, Precision. February 2022 marks three years since the Balakot airstrikes...

Afghanistan-Pakistan Border to Remain Contentious even with the “Good Taliban”

Author: Dr. Shalini Chawla, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Durand Line, Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Taliban, Strategic Depth, and Pashtun. There have been repeated instances of clashes between the...

Growing Chorus for an ASAT Test Ban Treaty

Gp Capt TH Anand Rao, Senior Fellow, CAPS Testing of Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASAT) in outer space has become a menace in recent years.  The after...

Taliban in Afghanistan and Growing Nuclear Risks in Pakistan: What’s the connection?

Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS Click here to View

Pakistan Rejoicing the Taliban’s Takeover of Afghanistan

Dr. Shalini Chawla, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS

Peace Evades Afghanistan: Where did the US go Wrong?

Air Vice Marshal Anil Golani, Additional Director General, CAPS War and conflict have always been inimical to the progress of mankind and yet they have...

US Withdrawal from Afghanistan: An Unfinished War and Endless Complexities

Dr Shalini Chawla Distinguished Fellow, CAPS Keywords: US withdrawal from Afghanistan, US-Afghan War, President Joe Biden, Trump, Taliban Two decades of the deadly Afghan war, which...

UAS – Low Hanging Fruit India Still to Pluck

Air Marshal Anil Chopra AVSM PVSM VM VSM (Retd), Director General, CAPS 22 April 2021 Keywords: DRDO Rustom, GHATAK UCAV, UAS, Mehar Baba Prize Competition, MARAAL....

US 2020 Elections and What may Lie Ahead for the Knotty Nuclear Issues of Iran and North Korea

Dr.Manpreet Sethi, Distinguished Fellow, CAPS US presidential elections have always aroused great interest around the world. US foreign policy impacts nearly all nations and nearly...

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Defence of Taiwan – Complexities and Challenges

Click to View PDF Author: Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS 17 May 2022 Keywords: China, Taiwan, ADIZ, 'One China', PLAAF 

Nuclear Energy Breakthroughs and India’s Contributions

Click to View PDF Author: Ms Prachi Lokhande, Research Associate, CAPS 14 May 2022 Keywords: Nuclear Fusion, Tokamak, ITER, nuclear reactor, India 

Ukraine War- The End State

Click to View PDF Author: Air Marshal Anil Chopra, Director General, CAPS 12 May 2022 Keywords: Putin, Zelensky, Moscow, Kyiv, USA, Russia, Ukraine, NATO, EU, Conflict, Endstate 

Time to Step Up India’s Reliance on Nuclear Energy

Author: Mr Saurabh Todi and Ms Sanjana Gogna  Keywords: Nuclear Energy, Energy Security, Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Regulatory Reform It is not the first time that an...

Assessing Delhi-London Security Partnership Amid Johnson’s India Visit

Click to View PDF Author: Mahima Duggal, Research Associate, CAPS 09 April 2022 Keywords: India, UK, Defence Partnership, Air Power, Jet Engine Technology 


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