The Library of Centre for Air Power Studies was established in 2006. The Library houses about 10,000 volumes on Air Power, Environment, Terrorism, International Relations, National Security and Defence Related Issues. It receives about sixty five periodicals (National and International) through subscriptions, gifts and in exchange. Of these the academic periodicals are bound annually and preserved for reference. The Library continued to provide services using various network resources, including the services offered by DELNET (Developing Library Network). Scholars can search Delnet online database and can borrow books on Inter Library Loan.

Library has access to the e-resources available on JSTOR Database (Journals articles and soft copy of books). Over the years the library has received valuable books as gifts from Late Air Chief Marshal O.P Mehra, Late Shri K Subrahmanyam, Smt. Madhuri Sondhi, Library of Congress, Late Director General (CAPS) Air Cmde Jasjit Singh, Air Marshal Dhiraj Kukreja and Dr Sanjay Baru. The books in the library are classified according to D.D.C scheme and catalogued online into machine readable form through LIBSYS (LSEase) library management software package. The Online Public Access catalogue (OPAC) is available on the web which provides bibliographic information of the Books ( The software is already in process.

Books can be issued to the scholars for a fortnight and be renewed provided there is no reservation for them. Membership of the library is confined to the members of CAPS.