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Defence and Diplomacy

In Pursuit of National Security Vol. 10 No. 2 (January-March 2021) Contents 1. The 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War Heli-Borne Assault on Sylhet Bhupinder S. Nijjar 2. Indian Defence Budget 2021-2022—What is Enough? Anil...

Defence and Diplomacy

In Pursuit of National Security Vol. 10 No. 3 (April-June 2021) Editor's Note 1. Security Sans Strategy? Sumit Mukerji 2. US Defence of Taiwan: Complexities and Challenges Anil Chopra 3. Assessing the Development and Challenges in Pakistan's Civil...

Peace Evades Afghanistan: Where did the US go Wrong?

Air Vice Marshal Anil Golani, Additional Director General, CAPS War and conflict have always been inimical to the progress of mankind and yet they have plagued...

Chinese Drones in East Ladakh and India’s Response

Mr Kashif Anwar, Research Associate, CAPS 16 August 2021

Defence And Diplomacy

GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSIONS ISSN No.: 2347-3703 RNI No.: DELENG/2012/41043 Articles submitted for Defence and Diplomacy should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other...

Nuclear Security Vol 15, No. 09

There were Doomsday Ships Ready to Ride Out Nuclear Armageddon before there were Doomsday Planes OPINION – Thomas Newdick

Nuclear Security Vol 15, No. 08

Global Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Ten Years of Rising Dangers OPINION – Manpreet Sethi

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