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Xi JinPing’s Centenary Speech Exudes Confidence and Determination

Shri. Jayadeva Ranade*President, Centre for China Analysis and Strategy Centenaries are celebrated around the world. These are occasions for special celebration when it is...

Plausible Reset in Turkish-Israeli Relations

Anu SharmaAssociate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: Turkish-Israeli Relations, West Asia, Oil Trade, Reset, Regional Politics The beginning of the year 2021 brought renewed hope of rapprochement...

AGNI Prime – An Analysis

Dr Silky Kaur, Associate Fellow, CAPS14 July 2021 Keywords: Agni Prime, Agni Missiles, Canisterisation, Nuclear Stability, DRDO Ministry of Defence in its press release...

Taliban Sweep after the US Withdrawal

Mr Mohit Sharma, Research Associate, CAPS13 July 2021 Keywords: Afghanistan, US Withdrawal, Taliban, Badakhshan, Salma Dam.

The Political Crisis in Nepal and China’s Policy of Non-Interference

Mr. Shantanu Roy-Chaudhury, Research Associate, CAPS08 January 2021 Keywords: Nepal, Nepal Communist Party, Chinese Communist Party, Belt and Road Initiative, Nepali...

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India’s BMD Programme and Acquisition of S-400 Air Defence System

Author: Ms Nasima Khatoon, Research Associate, CAPS As per a contract signed between India and Russia in October 2018, Russia has begun delivery of the...

Russia Tests an ASAT Weapon: Space Sustainability Takes a Hit Again

Author: Gp Capt TH Anand Rao Keywords: ASAT, Debris, Weapons, Satellite, UN, Russia, LEO Close on the heels of the 76th session of United Nations General...

QUAD II: India’s Strategic Policy Shift

Author: Anu Sharma, Associate Fellow, CAPS Keywords: QUAD II, West Asia, Israel, UAE, United States   India, along with the United States, Israel and the United Arab...

Stick to the basics of nuclear deterrence

China’s recent hypersonic missile test is not such a game-changer from the point of view of nuclear deterrence. India should keep a cool head....

Liberalized Drone Policy Calls for Strict Air Space Management Mechanism

Wg Cdr Swaim Prakash Singh, Senior Fellow, CAPS    Click to View


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