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Air Chief sees need to develop asymmetric capabilities against China


ACM Bhadauria stresses on indigenous technological developments

In the long run, the ability to develop and maintain technological edge or develop asymmetric capability, particularly against China, should be the focus area, said Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal (ACM) R.K.S. Bhadauria on Tuesday, stressing that this was only possible when the nation had indigenous equipment and home-grown technology in the long run.

“With our northern and western borders being volatile and active, the possibility of a full-fledged war always exists. And as a nation, we must be prepared, and as an Air Force, we must be prepared and capable of handling any form of conflict,” said ACM Bhadauria speaking at a webinar by the Centre for Air Power Studies.

With the reduced U.S. forces’ footprint in Afghanistan, an increased Chinese push into Indo-Pacific and a realignment of West Asia, the security situation for India was becoming increasingly complex, he pointed out.

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Source: The Hindu

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