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Defence And Diplomacy

ISSN No.: 2347-3703 

RNI No.: DELENG/2012/41043


Defence and Diplomacy
In Pursuit of National Security
Vol. 6 no. 2
(January - March 2017)


1. We Need A 'Think Through' Strategy Against Pakistan's Proxy War in J&K
Syed Ata Hasnain

2. Russian discourse on US Nuclear Arms Reduction Proposal
Arun Mohanty

3. The Trajectory of china's Aviation Industry
Manmohan Bahadur

4. Prospects of China-United States Relations under Trump's Administration
Sana Hashmi

5. China's Pragmatic Alignment with West Asia
Anu Sharma

6. India-China Energy Cooperation: A Possibility for Rapprochement
Temjenmeren Ao

7. Assessing the Impact of Beijing's Militarisation in the South China Sea on ASEAN Relations
Pooja Bhatt

8. Operation Mekong: China Deals with Barriers to Embrace the Mekong River
Puyam Rakesh Singh

9. Al Qaeda: Assessing the "Phenomenon"
Radhika Halder

10. India's Role in the Changing Geopolitical Scenario in the IOR
RA Maslekar

Book  Review
Creating a New Medina: State Power, Islam and the Quest for Pakistan in Colonial North India
Aersh Danish