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Defence And Diplomacy

ISSN No.: 2347-3703 

RNI No.: DELENG/2012/41043


altDefence and Diplomacy
In Pursuit of National Security
Vol. 8 No. 2
(January-March 2019)


1. US Decision to Withdraw from Syria: Ramifications for Major Players 
Anu Sharma

2. India’s Relations with the Horn of Africa 
Sarvsureshth Dhammi 

3. Unravelling the Kurdish Puzzle in West Asia 
Dipanwita Chakravortty

4. Iran, NPT and JCPOA: Some Observations 
Hina Pandey

5. Iran-Saudi Arabia Proxy War in Yemen: A Quest for Hegemony
Nitya Jadeja

6. Rivalry between Iran and Israel: The Next War in the Middle East?
Prem Anand Mishra

7. EU’s Engagement in WANA Region: Need for a Pragmatic Approach
Ankita Dutta

Index: Pervious Issues