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Defence And Diplomacy

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Defence and Diplomacy
In Pursuit of National Security
Vol. 6 no. 1
(October - December 2016)


1. Emerging Trends in Russia-Pakistan Relations: Should India be concerned?
Chandra Rekha

2. The US elections: Possible changes in Policy and India 
Stuti Banerjee

3. Pakistan's Ballistic and Cruise Missile Programmes
Ravinder Singh Chhatwal

4. New  chinese  Bomber:  enhancing Long Range Strike Capability
Arjun subramanian P

5. The Toddler Terrorists: The Child Soldiers of the Islamic State
Aersh Danish

6. "Right to be Forgotten" in the Digital Age: Ethics and Compliance Challenges
Ashish Gupta

7. The Reinvention of Lighter-Than-air  flying  Machines
Vivek Kapur

8. Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: Turning  Back  the Clock
Jai Raina

Book  Reviews
N N Vohra, 'Safeguarding India: Essays on Governance and Security'
K K Nohwar

R Rajaraman, 'India's Nuclear Energy Programme: Future Plans, Prospects and Concerns'
Manpreet Sethi