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Air Vice Marshal Manmohan Bahadur VM (Retd), Distinguished Fellow, CAPS

Six reasons why a No First Use nuclear doctrine is good for India
Source: Hindustan Times

Where Aakar Patel goes flagrantly wrong: The Indian armed forces are not a mercenary entity
Source: The Times of India Blog

In a democracy the military should be under political control, but doesn’t have to be under bureaucracy’s thumb
Source: The Times of India Blog

Securing the Skies
Source: The Hindu

Surgical strikes by India are not new, but we must be on guard
Source: DailyO

Onus of restraint is on Pak
Source: Mail Today

After terror attack in Uri stagedby Pakistan, how can India hold a rogue state accountable?
Source: The Times of India Blog

Crouching Tiger and not so Hidden Dragon
Source: Mail Today

What deterrence theory says: How to rescue India from anarchy unleashed by rule of the mob
Source: The Times of India Blog

Modi Right to Call Pakistan's Bluff
Source: Mail Today

Perils of Interventionism
Source: Mail Today

Peacekeepers of the World
Source: Mail Today

Make Way for 'Made in India'
Source: The Economic Times

How Siachen soldier Hanamanthappa gave India an occasion to cheer, and grieve as one
Source: The Indian Express

I've Rescued Jawans At Siachen. You Never Forget It.
Source: NDTV

Onus of Talks Can't be on India Alone
Source: Mail Today

America Sadly doesn't see India as a Political Equal
Source: DailyO

Defence Preparedness: The Way Forward
Source: The Hindu

'Indo-US' - Partnership or Dependency
Source: Mail today

Dr. Manpreet Sethi, Senior Fellow, CAPS

To a Deeper Engagement: The JCPOA Effect on Indo-Iran Relations

No case for simultaneous NSG membership for India and Pakistan
Source: South Asia Monitor

Pak's Nuclear 'Normality' through External Deals: Chasing a chimera
Source: IPCS

Dr. Shalini Chawla, Senior Fellow, CAPS

China-Pak Nexus spells trouble for India
Source: DailyO

Wg Cdr Kiran Krishnan Nair, Research Fellow, CAPS

Apples and Oranges: Why comparing India’s reusable launch vehicle with the space shuttle is totally out of place
Source: The Space Review