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Leveraging India’s Nuclear Energy Power: Taking Lessons from France
Ms Sanjana Gogna, Research Associate, CAPS
31 March 2020:
The use of ‘energy power’ derived from nuclear energy can be a potent tool to promote India’s interests and strengthen its position; The experience of France is a viable example to gain lessons from....Read more

The Maiden Test of Pakistan’s Ra’ad II Cruise Missile: An Overview
Ms Nasima Khatoon, Research Associate, CAPS
24 March 2020:
Recently on 18 February 2020, Pakistan conducted the maiden test launch of its Ra’ad II nuclear capable air launched cruise missile (ALCM). The Ra’ad-II was displayed for the first-time in 2017 Pakistan Army military parade....Read more

Why Does Japan Need Nuclear Energy?
Ms Zoya Akhter Fathima, Research Associate, CAPS
23 March 2020:
March 11th this year marked 9 years of the unfortunate Fukushima nuclear disaster. Japan has been able to successfully rebuild and reconstruct most of the damage caused by the earthquake and the tsunami and the clean-up programme of the Fukushima nuclear disaster also appears to be fairly effective....Read more

Nine Years Since Fukushima: Analysing Japan’s Progress and Challenges
Ms Zoya Akhter Fathima, Research Associate, CAPS
06 March 2020:
 Japan deserves credit for valiantly braving through the catastrophe. The Japanese government as well as TEPCO, have been transparent in owning up to their lapses, and have been working seriously towards making amends....Read more

Realising the potential of Amateur Astronomers for enhancing India’s Space Situational Awareness
Ms Mrunalini Deshpande, Research Associate, CAPS
07 February 2020:
Rapid advances in space technology have led to a considerable decrease in the cost of accessing space. This has paved the way for a number of private players to enter the space arena besides the growing number of countries....Read more

Ms Ishka Yadav, Research Associate, CAPS
25 January 2020:
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on January 20, 2020, that it would be holding an expert panel to decide whether the fast-spreading epidemic spawned by a new virus in China should be announced a global health emergency....Read more

India and RCEP: India’s Recalcitrance and The Way Ahead
Ms Urmi Tat, Research Associate, CAPS
11 Dec 2019:
India’s withdrawal from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) at the Bangkok Summit recently, citing harm to domestic and national interest, has sprouted spirited debate....Read more

Will the Islamic State’s ideology outlive al-Baghdadi in Afghanistan?
Mr Saurav Sarkar, Research Associate, CAPS
06 December 2019:
The killing of Osama bin Laden did not cease al-Qaeda’s activities, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s death (founder of al-Qaeda in Iraq, precursor to IS) did not prevent the rise of IS and al-Baghdadi’s death is unlikely to restrict the influence of IS in South-Central Asia....Read more

Ms Ishka Yadav, Research Associate, CAPS
13 November 2019:
For years, the South China Sea territorial issue has influenced Southeast Asia’s security strategy. The extremity of disputes over key sea lines transporting up to one-third of world trade, costing US$5 trillion yearly, has made bitter connections between Southeast Asian claimant countries and China....Read more

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